5 Wallpaper do's & don'ts

Are you thinking about giving your interior walls a fresh make-over and some pop of color? And perhaps you are looking for some tips and tricks to help you reach that picture perfect result? To help you out, in this blog post we will give you 5 wallpaper do's and don'ts that will give you some guidance and prevent some wallpapering mistakes. Read further to learn more.


Ordering Wallpaper

Removable Wallpaper Samples


Don't forget to measure the wall

To make sure of fully covering the wall you are looking to wallpaper and make sure that the pattern repeats perfectly, don't forget to measure the wall and calculate how many wallpaper panels you will need exactly to achieve the picture perfect look. To learn more about how to properly measure the wall to calculate the amount of wallpaper needed, visit our How To Measure Wall For Wallpaper Installment Based On The Material blog post.


Do order wallpaper samples

Ordering samples can be helpful and needed for many reasons when deciding on the style and colors of the removable wallpaper you would like to apply on the chosen wall. For one a peel and stick wallpaper sample can help you better understand, if the color and pattern will match the interior you would like to create. Furthermore, the digital color of the removable wallpaper design can slightly differ in real life and in the natural light. And ordering samples can help you make the decision and choose the right wallpaper design between your favorite picks.

If the wallpaper samples in the photo above have grabbed your attention, the designs are - Simple Gold Art Deco Wallpaper from the Modern Art Deco Wallpaper collection in custom colors: Black & White, and the Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Palm Tree, Jungle And Tropical Wallpaper collection.


Before Wallpaper Installation

Preparing a textured wall for wallpaper

Dont install wallpaper on a textured and unclean wall

There are many reasons why you should not install wallpaper on a textured wall. Firstly applying wallpaper on a textured wall can damage the wallpaper. If the surface of the chosen wall is uneven and bumpy and even rough, applying wallpaper on it can cause small rips and tears after installing the wallpaper. Applying wallpaper on a textured wall can also make the process more difficult as the wallpaper can not fully stick to the surface which can lead to it starting to become loose or even fall off. Furthermore an unclean and dusty wall can affect the wallpaper application and air bubble formation.


Do prepare the walls for installation 

For a beautiful wallpapered wall result, and not to cause rips and tears in the wallpaper designs, make sure to prepare the chosen walls for installation appropriately. Not only the walls should be smooth but clean as well for an effective installation process and a beautiful result as well. To learn more about how to prepare a wall for wallpaper installation, visit our How To Prepare Walls For Wallpaper Installation blog post.


Installing Wallpaper

Luxury Vintage Peony Removable Wallpaper Installation

Dont overlap

Our removable traditional wallpaper and peel and stick wallpaper, although applied slightly differently, both are not meant for application with an overlap. Learn more about how to install our peel and stick wallpaper on How To Install Removable Wallpaper blog post and how to install the traditional wallpaper on How To Install Traditional Wallpaper blog post.


Install wallpaper panels side by side

Our traditional wallpaper and peel and stick wallpaper panels should be installed side by side as seen in the photo above with the Vintage Amber Peonies Wallpaper panels from the Vintage & Retro Wallpaper collection. Installing wallpaper panels side by side will achieve the perfect wallpaper pattern design repeat with each panel added and create smooth and even wallpaper coverage.


Mixing Different Wallpaper Patterns

Mixing Floral And Stripe Wallpaper Patterns

Don't mix too many patterns

Mixing different wallpaper patterns if done in a tasteful manner, can create a beautiful, unique and eye-catching interior design. However, mixing too many patterns without paying attention to the color matching and different pattern scales and styles can create an overwhelming interior look.

Do mix patterns that compliment each other

 Wallpaper patterns that compliment each other based on the color combination and that both compliment the chosen theme, can create a truly gorgeous look. In the photo above we can see a beautiful example of two different wallpaper designs - Elegant Light Peonies Removable Wallpaper from the Floral Wallpaper collection and the Elegant Scandi Eclectic Stripes Wallpaper from the Stripe Wallpaper collection that next to each other create a balanced a beautiful look. Although both wallpaper styles are different, the stripe wallpaper design and floral removable wallpaper combination creates an eye-catching and pleasant combination in the bedroom interior as the colors also compliment each other.


Mixing Wallpaper With Paint

Mixing Wallpaper With Paint

Don't mix wallpaper pattern with a bright color that does not match

If, for example, you have chosen a neutral colored wallpaper to create an accent wall, brighter color painted walls next to it will take the attention away from the main wall that should create the focal point. If you would like to learn more about how to create an accent wall, visit How to Choose The Accent Wall? blog post.

Do mix the wallpaper with a suiting paint color

Mixing the wallpaper design with a matching paint from the wallpaper designs color palette for the other walls can make the accent wall stand out and be on the center of the stage creating a focal point in the interior. In the photo above we can see a beautiful example of a floral bedroom accent wall created by Melissa where she has installed the Blush Watercolor Floral Peony Wallpaper from the Floral Wallpaper collection and combined the wallpaper design with a light neutral painted walls to make the floral wallpaper accent wall shine.

We hope this blog post will help you in planning your future wallpaper project and achieve a beautiful and perfect result. If you are considering applying wallpaper in the bathroom and are looking for wallpapering tips and trick, visit Wallpaper In Bathrooms: Do's And Don'ts blog post.

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