The minimalist elegance of Scandinavian design have captivated hearts around the world. And what better way to infuse your home with this inviting aesthetic than with Scandinavian wallpaper? More than just decorative, Swedish-inspired wallpaper is like a work of art, bringing the essence of Nordic nature and clean lines directly into your living space.
Scandinavian interior design is all about celebrating simplicity and functionality. Scandinavian wall art reflects this philosophy through understated patterns and natural elements like black watercolour splatter scandi wallpaper or clean eclectic stripes Scandinavian pattern.
Even though the Scandinavian lifestyle is about less being more, modern Scandinavian interior design invites bold interior choices by combining Scandinavian patterns with metallic accents like brass or gold plated metals for door knobs or sink heads, dark colored wood for countertops and natural-fibre textile like sheepskin, wool or mohair. Scandinavian style interior design is all about light, therefore, we encourage to make use of large windows, mirrors and light - both natural and artificial.
Most importantly, a true Scandinavian home interior design is made of elements that are made to last, including nordic wallpaper. This is something we take pride in by providing durable materials, printed with quality ink to keep your beloved scandinavian art wall in perfect shape indefinitely.