White is the base of all the colors around us, making a great harmony with every other color, design or project idea imaginable. While not evoking a strong first emotion, white wallpaper can have a character on its own with a subtle white textured wallpaper that comes with our peel and stick white wallpaper material or having a subtle white marble wallpaper design.
White wall background invites the illusion of an open space, ideal for narrow or light-lacking rooms. As a great way to add extra optical illusion and light to your space is by having decorative mirror elements. To decorate a white wall, a white minimalist wallpaper is a great base for other design pieces to stand out like dried flowers, postcards from all over the world or polaroid pictures encapsulating your joyful moments, a great white minimalist wallpaper does not take away the shine of the sentimental value that your décor pieces hold.
For an extra luxury feeling at a reasonable budget, we offer our marble wallpaper white designs - a great white bathroom wallpaper addition to your bathroom or kitchen.
Since white color wallpaper is more susceptible to access dirt or shows excess folding, we believe that a white modern wallpaper should be applied effortlessly, therefore, a white peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to avoid adhesive smearing the panels. Additionally, our white removable wallpaper is thicker and less susceptible to folded lines.
Despite the color, many clients chose to have white design wallpaper in their kitchens attesting that our white textured peel and stick wallpaper, whether it is beige and white wallpaper or white abstract wallpaper, can withstand steam and food splatter.
You don't have to make interior sacrifices for the sake of functionality, we at Think Noir have the best of creative designs and functional practises to make all of your white wall decor ideas attainable!