If you are creating your home around one specific style then you have come to the right place as we have a variety of peel and stick wallpaper design for every style and taste. From geometric patterns to vintage wallpaper designs and more.

Feminine Wallpaper collection - If you want to embrace grace and elegance in a style then most definitely it's feminine wallpaper designs. Soft wallpaper and delicate wallpaper designs for this wallpaper girly collection.

French Wallpaper collection - French wallpaper designs for that french country style home. If you are looking to create a beautiful french style house then we would recommend looking at our specially curated french style wallpaper designs.

Art Deco Wallpaper collection - Art deco wallpaper is perfect base for a timeless luxury look. Art deco peel and stick wallpaper will be a great addition to any dining room or bedroom interior. With our wallpapers you can create an art deco home of your dreams!

Floral Wallpaper collection - Flower wallpaper is such a happy addition to your home. However, if floral wallpaper is not your forte, then we also have some cherry blossom wallpaper designs for that modern living room interior.

Bohemian Wallpaper collection - Boho wall decor will create an inviting space in every room you decide to incorporate some boho wallpaper design. Bohemian wallpaper never goes out of style! Make sure to visit our boho peel and stick wallpaper collection to see our wonderful selection of boho wallpapers.

Scandinavian Wallpaper collection - Scandinavian interior design is still one of the top interior styles in this time. Together with japandi interior design these both classics create a sophisticated look to any interior. Check out our collection for amazing scandinavian wallpaper designs.

Geometric Wallpaper collection - If you are looking for that simplicity in a wallpaper then definitely check out our geometric wallpaper collection. With our geometric peel and stick wallpaper you can achieve spectacular geometric accent wall.

Vintage Wallpaper collection - Some things could change, however retro wallpaper designs will never go out of style! If you are looking for vintage floral wallpaper, nostalgic wallpaper or even vintage bird wallpaper: make sure to visit our wallpaper collection with some awesome retro background designs.

Marble Wallpaper collection - A classic in various interior aspects: marble! Marble wallpaper is a delicate choice when creating a timeless interior look. If you are looking for some marble background designs, make sure to visit our stone wallpaper collection.

Tropical Wallpaper collection - Tropical wallpaper is perfect if you are looking to create this exotic interior look. Palm tree wallpaper, jungle wallpaper or even pineapple wallpaper - we, at ThinkNoir Wallpaper, have it all!

Animal Print Wallpaper collection - Looking for animal prints in a wallpaper? We have a variety of leopard print, zebra print, tiger print and even cheetah print wallpaper to choose from.

Botanical Wallpaper collection - How to get the nature feel in your home? With nature wallpaper and botanical wallpaper designs. In this collection you will find various plant wallpaper designs for every taste.

Tiles Wallpaper collection - Are you loving the tile look in your home, however don't want to commit to actual tiles? Then our peel and stick tile wallpapers are perfect solution for you. Quick peel and stick tile backsplash result with tile wallpaper in just a seconds.

Stripe Wallpaper collection - Striped wallpaper is great choice for minimalistic interior design. If you are looking to create striped accent wall then our stripes wallpaper designs are perfect for that.