1. Are there differences between a self-adhesive and a traditional material?

Think of a massive sticker with self-adhesive material. This type has two parts – the wallpaper and the backing paper. To install this, you have to pull the backing paper as you apply the wallpaper on the surface.
To apply a traditional wallpaper, make use of a heavy-duty PVA based glue. The glue must be applied to the wall instead of on the back of the wallpaper. It needs to be applied in batches while working on each panel individually to prevent the glue from drying quickly.

2. Can I get a sample?

Yes. You can choose from the dropdown menu the size and material. You can choose the 19” x 19” sample of the self-adhesive material and a 25” x 20” sample of the traditional stuff.

3. Can I buy custom colors?

Yes! We have an option for customizable designs. You can pick a color on the dropdown menu. Select the “custom color” option and add a note at the cart under “Special instructions to seller” with all the details for the custom work.

4. I want gold and metallic colors, can I order this from you?

At the moment, we do not have any metallic colors. However, we do have faux gold that might do the trick for you.

5. What type of surfaces do self-adhesive wallpaper work with?

The self-adhesive paper will work with smooth and flat surfaces (i.e., smooth finished painted walls, glass, mirrors, cabinet doors, etc.).

6. Will wallpaper work in bathrooms?

It will. However, it can only be decorative and away from water contact. Both wallpaper materials are easy to clean with a damp cloth or a soft sponge.

7. I want to reuse the wallpaper it, can I do that?

It is advisable not to, however, it is possible. Make sure that you apply the backing paper back to the adhesive part when you remove it to prevent it from sticking to itself and drying out.

8. Can you ship where I am?

We ship worldwide. If it’s on the map, we can send our wallpapers to you.

9. Do I need to sign for the ThinkNoirWallpaper parcel when it arrives?

Yes, you will have to sign upon receipt of the package.