Everyone likes the look of a flower in full bloom. Their vivid colors, pleasing symmetry, and the memories they bring of spring air are of immense decorative value. Still, they’re mortal objects, and their decorative quality doesn’t last very long. While regular flowers need maintenance and eventually wilt, however, floral wallpaper does not. Capture that full-bloom floral look with our regular floral wallpaper and floral peel and stick wallpaper designs!
At Think Noir we offer various floral designs. Cute flower wallpaper with soft pastels will be the perfect romantic look for a floral wallpaper background in a nursery or powder room. For a Victorian feel, we offer navy floral wallpaper designs as well as watercolour vintage wildflower wallpaper. Our blush color big floral wallpaper will make a great statement wall without making the room too busy.
For all things up to trend, abstract floral wallpaper will be a great living room
The true beauty of flowers lies in their ability to be timeless. With our peel and stick floral wallpaper you can make your project look as vintage or modern as you like by opting for a moody floral wallpaper, boho floral wallpaper or neutral floral wallpaper.
If the design that has caught your eye is not in your desired color, worry not, as most of our designs are customisable. Whether you prefer black and white floral wallpaper, pink floral wallpaper, green floral wallpaper, purple floral wallpaper or red floral wallpaper - we can make it happen!
Think Noir’s floral wall art is designed with longevity in mind, using fade-proof inks and durable backing material to ensure that wear and tear will only begin to show years after first applying it. Still, it’s easy-stick, easy-peel functionality allows homeowners to remove the wallpapers whenever they wish, and even reapply them at a later date, provided they’re stored carefully.
Give a natural touch to your wallpaper designs with our floral pattern wallpaper, adorned with flowers of every type and color!