how to choose the accent wall
Wallpapering an accent wall is a perfect way to bring some personality, eye-catching pop of color and fun in the interior. It gives you the opportunity to get creative and choose a bold design wallpaper, as covering only one wall with a dazzling, gorgeous colorful statement wallpaper will not have a risk of making it overwhelming as wallpapering all walls might. But the questions might be - which wall to choose as the accent wall? To help you pick the right wall for wallpapering, here will be some tips to consider before making the decision.

First Wall That Catches The Attention

floral colorful wallpaper in powder room
When entering a room, the first wall that you would lay your eyes onto would be the right choice for the accent wall. This will ensure that the attention firstly goes to the beautiful statement wall design, wowing you and your guests right after entering the room. In the beautiful bathroom project by Rachel above, we can see how the Feminine Floral Bouquet Wallpaper makes a noticeable difference, giving the space a wow factor detail to set eyes on and giving the room a gorgeous pop of color in a floral soft design. If you would like to check out more floral design wallpaper options, please visit our Floral collection.

Consider The Architectural Features

A room that might have multiple architectural features such as a statement gorgeous floor to ceiling bookshelf, fireplace, paneling, beautiful statement mantel can make the decision of choosing the accent wall difficult. The reason behind it is that all of these features already are very eye-catching drawing attention to them, therefore the accent wall might lose its purpose in the interior. If the architectural features are in a neutral color palette, then wallpapering the wall can be a beautiful solution, however, picking a room that is more plain, will make the accent wall shine more.

Avoid A Wall With Obstacles

A wall with obstacles that can be windows or doors does not make the right choice for an accent wall as it will break the focal point of the wallpaper design and make it look slightly confusing. A solid wall with no obstacles that can be behind a sofa, a bed, a desk tend to be the best choices for an accent wall as it will bring out the full potential of the design.

The Fifth Wall

light floral wallpaper on ceiling

If you want to create an accent wall in a specific room, but none of the walls feel like the right choice, consider the ceiling. Wallpapering ceiling has been a trend for a couple of years now and specifically has had its popularity rise this year. Accent ceiling definitely is the choice if you are looking for that wow factor interior element that will feel unexpected and yet gorgeous and eye-catching. Furthermore, it can make the room feel warmer and very cozy. As seen in the photo above, the Grey Peonies Drawing Wallpaper in this ceiling project by Sam makes the fifth wall stand out and gives the room a very suitable and interesting detail, making the interior bloom.

Choose A Wall In A Neutral Setting

Too many colors can create an overwhelming feeling in the interior. Choosing a wall in a room that has more neutral furniture and decor will bring more interest to the accent wall and draw the attention to it and not split the focus on multiple statement interior pieces.

Be Mindful With The Furnishings

It is very common to have a bed, a desk or a sofa in front of the accent wall, but having too much decor or furniture in front of the wall can hide all of its beauty and the overall created eye-catching, statement interior element. Therefore, keeping it minimalistic without too much going on in front of the accent wall, can be the right way to let the wallpaper design shine.

Pick A Wall That You Look At Frequently

Choosing a wall that you do look most frequently at when you are in the room will only please your eyes more after covering it with wallpaper. As you will be spending time and putting in effort to create the beautiful picture perfect statement wall, it is a wise decision to choose a wall that you will look at the most to enjoy the results more often.

Additional Tips

french country style bedroom with blue wallpaper

Choose the color wisely - the colors of the accent wall should not only be within the style of the overall interior but be a representation of your interior taste as well. Furthermore, if you are covering the accent wall with a beautiful wallpaper design, then painting the other walls in a color that will match the wallpaper design, will give a finished look in the overall room. Often the color chosen for the other walls is the base color of the wallpaper design or a color that is within the color scheme. We love how dreamy and enchanting the French Country Blue Floral Wallpaper looks in a bedroom interior as seen above. Would you like to wake up with beautiful butterflies over your head?

Consider additional decor - matching your statement accent wall with beautiful interior decor can enhance the overall look of the room. Every detail matters, and including even small decors in the interior can sometimes make all the difference.

We hope these tips of choosing the wall for accent wall will provide the needed help to make the right choice and create a beautiful, statement design element in the interior. After making the choice of the wall you would like to cover, if you are looking for more information on preparing the wall for wallpaper installation, visit our How To Prepare Walls For Wallpaper Installment blog post and How To Install Traditional Wallpaper or How To Install Removable Wallpaper blog posts for the wallpaper material application of your choice.

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