Just like kids, we at Think Noir love to have fun when creating new kids wallpaper designs by exploring different shapes, patterns and colors. When it comes to kids room ideas, we allow our imagination lead the way, whether it is a vivid tropical design kids room wallpaper or minimalistic abstract print wallpapers for kids. Since children grow up fast, no need to worry as to how to catch up with decorating the room once every few years, since our wide collection of designs are great for combining the aesthetic of nursery wallpaper and childrens wallpaper.
If ordering a sample, it can become a fantastic addition to your kids room decor ideas by recycling it into a beautiful paper doll dress or making an additional kids room decoration by coloring it in to frame as one of your children's first creative masterpieces! If you like to go for an additional pop of color, we suggest opting for our kids peel and stick wallpaper, making it a great addition as a kids room decor, since bright white material base will give the printed colors extra vividness.
We cannot change the gloomy weather days for kids to be able to play outside, but we can definitely make it sunny indoors with a colorful and fun wallpaper for childrens.
The environment plays a vital role in the development of our children. Aside from exposing them to activities that teach them skills, we also want them to be in a place that's motivating, inspiring, and calming. It is where their room – their first sanctuary and rest-haven, comes to play. 
We at Think Noir Wallpaper believe that the kids room wall decor plays a significant role in every milestone as it is a place of fond memories. And what a better way to encapsulate those with a beautiful kids removable wallpaper.
Aside from providing the needed aesthetic value for our children to appreciate, our wide selection of child wallpaper is produced with non-toxic materials, making it a safe addition to the environment.
Our removable wallpaper for kids has bright and quality prints that last long – talk about quality craftsmanship that we vow to deliver to our clients.