We are experiencing a revival of wallpaper. How about thinking even more forward and having the beloved wallpaper designs as backsplash decorations? Every single one of our modern design backsplash pattern have their story, but all of them are united by the element of creativity and luxury on a budget.

Why not having something practical also stylish? With Think Noir modern backsplash ideas for kitchen you can! Decorative backsplash behind stove does not have to be bland since there is a great pattern backsplash selection at our website! Our variety of modern white kitchen backsplash in different patterns and colors will be the perfect touch of a pop of color!

Modern backsplash kitchen includes a modern backsplash for dark countertops which is a great budget-friendly solution; however, we kindly advise on covering the material with a glass cover, since it is water-resistant, not water-proof. Additionally, modern kitchen backsplash with white cabinets is a chic combo which most definitely will freshen up any Scandinavian inspired interior.

Discover our modern backsplash decor selection and find your perfect design! If in doubt about the right design or need guidance regarding measurements, our team will help you bring any modern backsplash ideas for kitchen to life!