Wallpaper In Bathrooms: Do's and Don'ts

As bathrooms often are the smallest rooms, using wallpaper to give the space a unique character and an eye-catching design has become very popular. While there are countless beautiful wallpaper options to choose from to give your bathroom interior a fresh, chic look, there are some factors when it comes to the application, to consider. In this blog post we will be going through some of the do's and don'ts when it comes to wallpapering the bathroom.

Do: Order A Sample

Choosing the right wallpaper design for the bathroom interior style you have visioned, can be a tricky task with so many beautiful options available. While a darker design can make the space feel more intimate, cozy and smaller, a lighter design can make the space feel slightly larger and create a bright luxurious oasis vibe. To make sure the wallpaper option you have chosen is the right one, or to choose between multiple bathroom wallpaper options, we suggest ordering samples, as they will make you feel more confident to purchase the product after seeing the design and colors in the light of the room. The light can strongly affect the look of the design as well, as bathrooms can be darker or brighter, depending, if there is any natural light in the room.


Don't: Ignore The Placement Of Wallpaper

Bright & Colorful Floral Wallpaper Bathroom Interior

While applying wallpaper in bathrooms has become very trendy, there are still some factors to consider, before covering all walls. We suggest avoiding applying wallpaper on walls that might often be exposed to water or get too humid. In the wet areas we suggest placing, for example, tiles and covering the rest of the walls with some dazzling and eye-catching wallpaper design. Furthermore, while covering the ceiling is very much in style, in bathrooms that have high humidity and do not have the correct ventilation, it is best to skip wallpaper on the ceiling as the bathroom ceiling wallpaper will catch the humidity fast, the adhesion strength will reduce and the wallpaper can start to peel off.

With that said, wallpapering the ceiling in a powder room can be a chic way to give the space some dazzling personality, and if it is possible to place the bath in the center of the bathroom and there is no shower, wallpapering all walls can be a gorgeous way to give the space a charming atmosphere. Having a bathroom wallpaper accent wall is also a great way to bring some color and pattern to the space if covering multiple walls feels too much. In the photo above, we can see a beautiful peel and stick wallpaper bathroom idea with our Bright & Colorful Floral Wallpaper from the Vintage wallpaper collection giving the bathroom a gorgeous floral vibe.


Do: Measure The Walls To Calculate The Needed Amount

Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural Bathroom Interior

When you have carefully decided where to place your chosen wallpaper design, it is important to correctly measure the wall to know how many panels will be needed to fully cover the chosen walls and the design pattern to match perfectly. To learn more about how to measure different types of walls, visit our How To Measure Wall For Wallpaper Installment Based On The Material. If you are looking for a tropical bathroom wallpaper to create a statement bathroom wall design then perhaps this bathroom mural wallpaper - Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Wall Mural collection, as seen in the photo above, is in your interior style?

Don't: Ignore The Importance Of Preparing The Walls

While it is always important to correctly prepare the walls before wallpaper installment, it is extra crucial for bathrooms. Because bathrooms tend to have high humidity, it is important to ensure a good wallpaper adhesiveness, therefore, the walls need to be smooth, dry and clean. If there are any cracks or imperfections, fill them in and smooth the wall with sandpaper. Afterwards it is important to make sure the wall is completely clean and dry. Don’t forget to remove any towel hooks, hangers, switch panels, light fixtures, mirrors and anything else before applying the wallpaper.

Do: Use An Extra Adhesive Glue Or Paste

Marble Tile Moroccan Design Wallpaper Bathroom Design

As mentioned before, to ensure the wallpaper sticks properly to the surface, it is important to prepare the walls appropriately. To further ensure the wallpaper sticks well, use an extra strong wallpaper adhesive. Above we can see a beautiful tiled bathroom wallpaper example with our Marble Tile Moroccan Design Wallpaper from the Bathroom wallpaper collection giving a slight vintage bathroom wallpaper vibe with autumn decorations for the new season. If bathroom wallpaper tiles are in your style, visit our Tiles wallpaper collection.

Don't: Forget About The Primer

Using primer before installing wallpaper is always a great idea and one that should not be forgotten to achieve a perfect result. When it comes to wallpapering a bathroom, we strongly suggest priming the walls. Applying primer to the walls before wallpaper installment will further ensure a stronger adhesiveness and will give the wall a smooth top layer. However, keep in mind that after priming the walls, it needs to dry for at least 24 hours before installing wallpaper.

Do: Get An Efficient Bathroom Ventilation

Blue Jungle Theme Wall Mural Bathroom Interior

In addition to all of the above, bathroom ventilation is the key for a long lasting bathroom wallpaper design. Make sure to update to an efficient extractor fan to allow the damp air to escape out of the bathroom and not create condensation on your beautiful wallpaper design. Managing the temperature and moisture, will make your modern bathroom wallpaper last for a longer period of time. In the photo above we can see a beautiful tropical style bathroom wallpaper interior with our Blue Jungle Theme Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection

We hope this blog post will give you some tips on how to wallpaper a bathroom and how to choose where to apply your chosen wallpaper for the bathroom. To browse more gorgeous wallpaper options for bathroom interior, visit our Bathroom wallpaper collection.

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