How to install removable wallpaper
Although our removable wallpaper is very easy to apply, therefore, very DIY friendly, there are still a couple of things to know before applying the wallpaper and a guideline to follow for a perfect result. To help you prepare efficiently for our self-adhesive wallpaper installation and a perfect result, here will be a step by step guidance of how to install our removable wallpaper.
Think Noir Removable Wallpaper Installation Checklist

1. Calculate The Right Amount Of Wallpaper Needed

After choosing your favorite wallpaper design, make sure to correctly measure the walls you want to cover to purchase the necessary amount. Once you have measured the width and height of the wall or walls, we recommend adding around 10 percent on top of the total amount needed to have enough excess material for trimming for a perfect finished look.

2. Prepare The Wall

Before wallpapering, you should correctly prepare your chosen wall or walls that you would like to cover. The surface needs to be smooth, dry, clean and free of any stains or grease. Furthermore if the wall has any covering already, it all should be removed. We also strongly suggest priming the walls before the wallpaper installation to improve the adhesiveness and ensure a smooth removal of the wallpaper later on. Afterall, how satisfying it is to easily remove a wallpaper once it's time to change it to a new design. Don’t forget to wipe the wall from any dust with a dry cloth before installing the wallpaper to ensure the adhesive sticks properly.

3. Gather The Needed Tools

 To install self-adhesive wallpaper you will need: self adhesive wallpaper of your choice, measuring tape, sharp utility knife, leveling instrument, mild cleaner, cotton gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints, dry fabric and squeegee with round and soft, flexible press-on edges to avoid damaging the wallpaper.

removable wallpaper installation tools

4. Prepare The Wallpaper

Before the installation the wallpaper must be stored under temperature and humidity conditions that would replicate the final installation. Also we suggest rolling out the panels and leaving them to stretch overnight, as it will be easier to install them once they have stretched. This also will allow you to double-check the positioning of your wallpaper panels before the installation.

5. Mark The Position Of The First Panel

Prior to installing the first panel, you should find a level spot on your wall to ensure that the wallpaper will create a straight and perfect look. Walls are rarely straight, therefore, this is a step to definitely not forget. Also when marking the position of the first panel, we strongly suggest to mark the space smaller than the actual width of the wallpaper to allow it to overlap slightly on the adjoining wall and then cut the excess amount. This will ensure a perfectly covered corner, as the corner line is not always straight. If starting from the wall's upper corner, then chances are that some parts can end up not being fully covered, resulting in having to reapply the panel.

6. Install The First Panel

removable wallpaper panel installation think noir

To install the first panel, push back around 10 inches of the wallpapers backing paper from the top of the panel for a more comfortable start. When pushing back the backing paper, make sure not to glue the wallpaper to itself. After removing the backing paper on top of the panel, stick the wallpaper starting from top of the wall where your level spot is and make sure to check if it is straight before applying the panel further down the wall. While applying the wallpaper further down, make sure to smooth the panel with a squeegee with soft round edges starting from the middle to the sides to avoid any air bubbles forming. Above we can see an example by Van where she is applying our Vintage Blue Peonies Wallpaper to add a floral touch to her bathroom.

7. Continue With The Next Panel

After installing the first panel, continue with the next one by removing the same 10 inches of the backing paper from the top of the panel. Our wallpaper is designed to be installed side by side without an overlap. Here we advise to call for a helpful hand for a perfect result to make sure that the pattern matches perfectly and seams line up neatly all the way down to the wall. After that, continue the same way until the wall is fully covered.

8. Cut The Excess Wallpaper

powder room project with removable wallpaper

After applying the final wallpaper panel, make sure to carefully use a ruler and a sharp craft knife to cut the excess wallpaper from top and bottom as well as the sides of the wall for a perfect finish. Be careful when cutting the wallpaper to not accidentally damage it. After you have cut the excess wallpaper - voila, you can now enjoy the freshly done wall make-over. As seen above the finished bathroom wallpaper project by Van looks gorgeous and the Vintage Blue Peonies Wallpaper gives the space a fresh look with an eye-catching pop of color.


We hope this step by step instructions to installing our self-adhesive wallpaper will give you more confidence and a guide for a smooth installation process and a picture perfect final result.


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