Geometric patterns are mesmerising in their simplicity and harmonious feel.
Abstract geometric wallpaper is a great and quick way how to give your home a character, texture and optical illusion of making your living space more or less tall or wide.
For our more avant-garde clientele who would like anyone entering their rooms to be filled with puzzled, transfixed emotions, our abstract shapes wallpaper collection is here to present them with a suite of entrancing shapes to bewitch the senses of anyone not used to them. Triangle wallpaper evokes dynamism and energy, while harlequin wallpaper exude stability and order. Hexagons hint at a playful honeycomb aesthetic, which we have provided with our grey geometric wallpaper in the Honeycomb Bees design and in our pink geometric wallpaper in the Pink Hexagon Tile Print.
These shapes interact, overlap, and interweave, creating appealing patterns that dance before your eyes, forming a gorgeous geometric wall accent result.
That isn’t to say they’re only reserved for a certain niche of people; eccentric though they may be, our geometric wallpaper is well-suited for various settings other than for captivating the senses. For those who seek harmony and simplicity, there are also pleasant substitutes like our white and black geometric wallpaper in tile or checkers pattern.
The power of geometric wall decor extends far beyond visual appeal. Geometric wallpaper designs can manipulate the perceived size of a room, making small spaces feel expansive and grand ones more intimate with our vertical lines design black and white geometric wallpaper
Our love for all things art-deco can be seen in our geometric shapes wallpaper, inspired by the 1920' French look. A chic addition to any interior as an geometric accent wall.
If regular patterns haven’t been tickling your fancy lately, you might find modern geometric peel and stick wallpaper to be a refreshing change from your average stripes, colors, and polka dots. Our selection of geometric design wall paper has exciting examples of geometric shape and tropical leaf crossover or bohemian style inspired play of lines and shapes. Painted with premium-quality, fade-proof inks, you can be sure that our geometric pattern wallpaper will maintain their mystical quality long after purchase. Our peel and stick geometric wallpaper can be applied, removed, and reapplied with as little fuss as possible.
Whether you're drawn to the bold statement of Art Deco triangles or the subtle elegance of Scandinavian chevrons, there's a modern geometric wallpaper waiting to transform your space!