Gold color has cemented its association with luxury and regal lifestyle and the luxury of the modern times it that we can have this feeling in our own homes at a reasonable price with our traditional gold wallpaper or gold peel and stick wallpaper. While as of now we do not offer wallpaper designs with a metallic finish, our gold accent wallpaper does the trick imitating the luscious color.
One of our all-time gold leaf wallpaper best-sellers are the Large Golden Banana Leaf wallpapers and wall murals, giving that luxurious bohemian look. For an instant stand-out look we have various black and gold peel and stick wallpaper designs inspired by the shapes of Art Deco and jungle.
For a classy yet inviting look for a powder room, we have a beautiful grey and gold wallpaper selection of floral designs.
We are certain that our faux gold design wallpaper will be THE background for all your gathering photos!
No need to worry about needing to replace the wallpaper panels if damaged or when t’s time for a change in design; our white and gold peel and stick wallpaper is easy to stick on and take off, allowing for quick wallpaper changes on a whim.
Not that you’d need to worry too much about damage; our removable gold wallpaper is made out of only the highest quality backing and painted with rich, long-lasting, moisture-resistant inks.
We believe that the real luxury is having a of choice, therefore, our gold print wallpapers are designed to be compatible for those who want temporary gold wallpaper peel and stick as well as those who want long-term gold removable wallpaper.