Marble has always exuded pure luxury throughout ages by being not only sturdy and everlasting, but also a gracious material for sculptors to work with. That being said, it is also not the most budget-friendly option to have when dreaming of a cost-efficient yet quality home interior. We have taken all of this into account and created something new with our own personal touch and signature bold designs. Introducing - marble backsplash!

Contrary to the actual material, a big advantage on having marble tile backsplash is in the endless possibilities of design and color. Additionally, our stone backsplash is customer and renter-friendly by being easy to apply to surface and does not require an extensive care like the natural marble material does. In fact, while marble may look gorgeous by itself, it requires a lot of caution in not staining it. White marble backsplash not only looks luxurious, but is meant to prevent staining or any grease residue due to cooking.

We offer various marble peel and stick backsplash and terrazzo backsplash designs that will compliment any minimalist, bold, boho or eclectic style interior!