Blue is the color of clear sky, waters and gracious sapphire. It is truly versatile in its shade range, each of them having their own distinctive association like royal blue wallpaper, navy blue wallpaper, blue coastal wallpaper or baby blue wallpaper. We have incorporated this truly captivating color in different blue wallpaper designs - blue geometric wallpaper, blue floral peel and stick wallpaper, blue vintage wallpaper and blue retro wallpaper to match every interior idea whether it be a blue accent wall bedroom, blue bedroom wallpaper, blue kitchen wallpaper or blue wallpaper for bathrooms.
For the blue victorian wallpaper feel, we take pride in our luscious and vivid blue floral wallpaper, making the flowers look like a hand painted porcelain piece. A beautiful statement idea as a blue accent wall living room or blue bathroom wallpaper. By playing with the idea of creating designs mimicking textures, our blue abstract wallpaper gives the convincing look of watercolour brush strokes, combining all the right elements of bold, creative and delicate.
Our blue wallpaper can make every day feel like a vacation around the world. modern blue wallpaper in Watercolor Moroccan Tile design or blue palm wallpaper is a great choice for the feel of an endless vacation - a perfect blue wall decor for a summer house or veranda.
With our expertise in designing and curating collections of high-quality, competitively priced wallpaper, you can be sure that our collection of blue wallpapers is of the highest tier.
For those seeking a moodier take on the “cool blue” motif, we have dark blue peel and stick wallpaper that suggests depth and cooler feelings. Among this subcategory of the collection is the ever-popular navy wallpaper, made up of classic solid navy blue. We spare no expense in making it so that that each wallpaper is made with durable, long-lasting backing material; painting with only the richest fade-proof inks to make our wall paper blue.
Our choice of materials ensures that issue of degradation remains a distant one, and it enables us to keep designing and crafting more and more variants of our blue wallpaper for walls for our clients to enjoy. Whatever your preference in blue pattern wallpaper, you can be sure that our vast collection has something to sate your desire for taking the colors of the ocean into your rooms.