Marble is a natural beauty which has always been related to opulence. Its been well-loved through the ages as a prime choice for building material, as it is both ornamental and sturdy. As the real-deal might not be the very first choice for a budget-friendly option, we believe that marbled wallpaper comes very close. With our collection of marble wallpaper, you can invoke the same feelings of classical decoration and structural integrity.
Unlike real marble, which requires the utmost care and sealing, our marble peel and stick wallpaper is a breeze to maintain and clean. Want to switch up the look? No worries, as the peel and stick stone wallpaper option allows easy installation and removal. And since our terrazzo peel and stick wallpaper has a canvas-like texture, it adds even more texture and shape to your living space!
White marble wallpaper is an excellent choice for living spaces that require subtle but glamorous feel with a touch of sturdiness like kitchen. Black marble wallpaper will look great around fireplaces, making a great marble accent wall. Stone look wallpaper will compliment sunlit bathrooms or will bring lightness to narrow spaces with artificial light. To have the a regal feeling, marble look wallpaper will be a great addition to bedrooms.
Marble background is a great choice for those who do not want to crowd their homes with various design elements. Simple gold or silver accents will complete the look. Spice it up or tone it dow - marble wall paper truly allows a creative freedom while making every creative choice of yours fabulous!
If you’re in the market for a marble background wallpaper, Think Noir Wallpaper has got you covered. Our collection of faux stone wallpaper is ever-expanding and ever-improving, to deliver only the best quality to enthusiasts of the marble aesthetic.