Tiles have been a classic room ornament since their inception. Rarely was a bathroom seen without a neatly made tile finish. We at Think Noir appreciate the aesthetic value of everything from tiles to vines, and craft designs that tap into that aesthetic value; therefore, our tile looking wallpaper was born.
Our tile look wallpaper is decorated with ornate tile patterns of every size. With our removable wallpaper tiles, you can give the room a spacious feel with large, evenly proportioned tile patterns and light color palettes; or, you can give it an enthralling feel with intricate circular tile patterns.
If you’re looking to give your walls the visual value that tiles provide, our tiles wallpaper can give you just that without having to go through the trouble of actually installing tiles on your wall.
If you’ve ever been looking for wallpaper that looks like tiles, look no further than Think Noir’s lovingly designed collection. We’ve got radial patterns, rectangular patterns, even square patterns, and everything in between, in color palettes for every room size and artistic taste. Made with durable backing material and fade-proof inks, our designs are made to last if you so choose to keep them on your wall. If you don’t, well, our peel and stick wallpaper tiles are easy to remove to give way for another kind of wallpaper, should you choose.