How To Choose Wallpaper For An Accent Wall

Creating a wallpaper accent wall in the interior is a great way to add some personality with a beautiful eye-catching pattern and create a focal point in the room. Choosing the wallpaper to create an accent wall can be a challenging task with so many options and colors available. The first step to consider would be the wallpaper style that would match the interior design and the wallpaper accent wall colors for it to match not only the interior but the other walls in the room as well. To help you with some ideas, here will be different style removable wallpaper accent wall designs.


Modern Black & White 

Modern Scandinavian Cross Wallpaper Accent Wall

A modern black and white wallpaper accent wall can be a perfect choice for a minimalistic Scandinavian interior design as it will complement the interior style and will add that eye-catching interesting detail. In the photo above we can see a gorgeous interior design done by Amy with a chic black & white accent wall with the Modern Scandinavian Cross Wallpaper from the Black And White Wallpaper collection.

Modern Black Arrow Wallpaper Accent Wall

Black and white accent walls can also be a great choice for an elegant and light bathroom interior design. Bathroom wallpaper accent walls have become popular during the past years as adding a beautiful bathroom removable wallpaper does add some character to the interior and makes the space feel warmer and more welcoming. In the photo above we can see a beautiful modern black and white bathroom wallpaper accent wall with the Modern Black Arrow Wallpaper from the Black And White Wallpaper collection.


Tropical Luxury

Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural Accent Wall

If, however, you love an interior design that brings the warm outdoors feeling indoors, then tropical wallpaper design could be just for you. You can create an exotic, warm atmosphere in your bedroom by creating a tropical wallpaper accent wall. As an example in the photo above we can see the gorgeous tropical bedroom interior designed by Sam where she has used the Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Palm Tree, Jungle And Tropical Wallpaper collection to create a dazzling palm leaf bedroom accent wall.

Tropical Wall Mural Kitchen Accent Wall

 Kitchen interiors can be another great area to add some pop of color with a dazzling wallpaper accent wall. If you are looking for bold and unique kitchen accent wall ideas, then tropical wallpaper can be your answer. In the photo above we can see the stunning kitchen interior design created by David who has incorporated the Tropical Palm Leaves Wall Mural from the Palm Tree, Jungle And Tropical Wallpaper collection to create a dazzling tropical kitchen accent wall.


Dazzling Gold

Faux Gold Pineapple Print Wallpaper Dining Room Accent Wall

For a unique and luxurious interior design, we suggest a gold color wallpaper accent wall. And if you are looking for some fun and extraordinary wallpaper design, then the Faux Gold Pineapple Print Wallpaper from the Gold Wallpaper collection as seen in the photo above could be a dazzling choice to add some joyful atmosphere to the dining room interior.

Yellow Amber Peony Wallpaper Bedroom Accent Wall

For a charming and luxurious bedroom interior, floral wallpaper accent walls can always be a great choice. And if you combine the enchanting floral pattern with gold color, you can achieve a truly magical bedroom accent wall look. In the photo above we can see a beautiful example of a floral bedroom accent wall with gold wallpaper - Yellow Amber Peony Wallpaper from the Gold Wallpaper collection that adds a delicate and airy atmosphere to the interior.


Colorful Wallpaper

Bright & Modern Toucan Bird Wallpaper Accent Wall

If you love a multicolor combination in your interior design, then a colorful wallpaper accent wall will be just for you. The key if choosing a colorful wallpaper to create an accent wall, is to make sure that it will match the other elements in the interior as too much color and patterns can make the interior feel too overwhelming. In the photo above we can see a warm and sunny interior design with the Bright & Modern Toucan Bird Wallpaper from the Colorful Wallpaper collection creating a beautiful bedroom accent wall.

Bright & Colorful Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

If you have an elegant and minimalist bathroom interior, a colorful accent wall can brighten up the space and add some fun personality to the interior. A charming floral removable wallpaper is definitely a suitable choice for a gorgeous and welcoming bathroom interior. And in the photo above we can see a beautiful example of a bathroom wallpaper accent wall with the Bright & Colorful Floral Wallpaper from the Colorful Wallpaper collection. Make sure to visit the Colorful Wallpaper collection for more colorful wallpaper accent wall inspiration.


Wallpapered Ceiling

Eclectic Constellation Stars Wallpaper Office Ceiling Accent Wall

Wallpapering the ceiling has been a trend for the past years now. And as it allows to create a truly stunning, wow factor design element, no wonder it is still very much in style. As office spaces and meeting rooms can sometimes feel uninspiring, adding wallpaper to the ceiling can add that unexpected detail to create a more interesting environment. As an example in the photo above we can see a beautiful, elegant office space interior with a dazzling ceiling wallpaper accent wall with the Eclectic Constellation Stars Wallpaper from the Office Wallpaper collection.

Grey Peonies Drawing Wallpaper Ceiling Accent Wall

How to give your entryway closet some more personality and pop of color? In the photo above we can see the beautiful project by Sam and how adding floral wallpaper to the ceiling and creating a ceiling accent wall creates a big difference and adds some charm and elegance to the interior. If you love the floral ceiling accent wall look in the photo above, the floral wallpaper used in this project is the Grey Peonies Drawing Wallpaper from the Floral Wallpaper collection.

 We hope this blog post will give you plenty of ideas on how to choose the right wallpaper for an accent wall. Make sure to visit the How To Choose The Accent Wall? blog post to learn more about choosing the right wall to create a gorgeous, eye-catching accent wall.

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