Just like honey, our yellow wallpaper collection has that luscious look which you can almost taste - a true eye candy for anyone looking for a modern yellow home decor. From cute yellow floral wallpaper with a delicate pattern outline to a mustard yellow wallpaper with an abstract honeycomb design - we believe that there is a right shade for yellow walls bedroom, yellow walls living room and yellow kitchen walls.
For our eclectic style lovers, our black and yellow wall paper designs in traditional or yellow peel and stick wallpaper material are great as a yellow accent wall, making the design bold, but not overwhelming.
Our pastel yellow wallpaper is a great introduction for clients looking for a touch of color, but making it subtle and easy on the eyes - perfect as a yellow wall decor for a powder room or nursery.
Mustard yellow walls is a warm and earthy variation of yellow that can add a touch of richness and sophistication to your home, while pale yellow walls bring the light and airy side of yellow that is perfect for rooms that need a subtle but fresh uplift featured in our yellow flower wallpaper designs.
Tropical, floral or eclectic - it is time for a fresh change with our yellow wallpapers. Discover the versatile color of yellow by scrolling down to see our selection of cute yellow wallpapers!