Life inspires art by the never-ending resurgence of the animal print. Whether it be fashion, interior design or even brand logo, animal kingdom exudes strength, confidence and graciousness. These are qualities that never will go out of style, making us always come back to the animal print trend.
At Think Noir, we always love to put our own personal twist to already beloved trends.
For a subtle and cute animal art in a kids room, we offer our dalmatian spot wallpaper design. For those who want to start subtle but with a statement, wildlife wall art will be a great match for a statement wall in a hallway or to highlight your reading corner in the living room.
Beyond the traditional zebra or leopard animal prints, our flamingo and palm leaf animal art prints will be a fun addition to a home bar corner, giving the 80's Miami aesthetic.
For best of both worlds, combining the calmness of Scandinavian minimalistic stripes and fun art with animals, we suggest opting for our Eclectic Tropical Toucan animal artwork wallpaper design, which reflects perfect balance between stillness and energy.
One of the many great wildlife art qualities is that it speaks by itself and does not require heavy complimentary accents to fill up the living space. Even our most subtle animal wall art wallpaper designs will bring just the right amount of accent, managing to convey the feeling of the wilderness.
The saying goes that a leopard never changes its spots; however, we at Think Noir can make that possible as our animal art wallpaper designs are customisable in color, allowing your imagination to run wild. Hot pink zebra wallpaper, orange and violet tiger print leopard wallpaper or blue leopard wallpaper - we got you covered!
We believe that true freedom lies in the beauty of changes. And just like some animals shed their skin, our leopard peel and stick wallpaper can do the same. When ready for a change, the panels can be removed in one piece!
Let your walls tell a story as bold, beautiful and wild as you are!