After an eventful day, rewind with a calming neutral wallpaper surrounding your living space. Beige wallpaper, cream wallpaper or tan wallpaper can create an earthy ambiance, transforming your rooms into a place of meditation, peace and rest.
Neutral peel and stick wallpaper is often overlooked as an underwhelming and washed-out looking option. However, the right neutral color wallpaper can help transform your room by making it optically larger and brighter.
Nude colored wallpapers work as a great base for inviting texture in your home and are easy to combine with practically any other color there is.
Make the overall look minimalistic with our nude color wallpaper in various geometric patterns or bohemian and romantic with our beige floral wallpaper in the delicate Light Floral Lace design!
Neutral accent wall does not mean no pattern. The beauty of a neutral wallpaper peel and stick option is having busy patterns without them clashing with excess color combinations which is a great look for many projects, but for some might cause a sensory overload.
Our clients can choose their cream color wallpaper in a regular or cream peel and stick wallpaper material option. Since light brown wallpaper is calm in its color, our removable material adds to the wallpaper by having a subtle canvas-like texture. A perfect addition for brown and cream wallpaper by enhancing the design colors.
The inviting feeling of a taupe wallpaper and beige color wallpaper is a great addition to any living room, nursery or bedroom as the beautiful neutral wallpaper won't take away the shine from the warm memories and quality time spent with the loved ones. With neutral wallpapers we allow for memories being made and emotions speak as they capture the sentimental feeling like a photo book.