Vacation is one step away with our tropical wallpaper. Whether your wallpaper design is intended for a instant mood boost or a way to escape the ordinary, tropical wallpapers are an excellent choice in adding a refreshing upgrade for your interiors and become a conversation starter when having guests over.
Our lush palm tree wallpaper designs is a classic choice. Our bestsellers too! Our palm leaf wallpaper in neutrals is a top choice for various bedroom projects; however, our tropical leaf wallpaper in shades of blue is a go-to choice for a tropical bathroom wallpaper look.
Highlight your living room by inviting the outdoors with rainforest wallpaper - monstera, ferns, and lush greens. For an added dramatical effect, you can go the dark tropical wallpaper route. Add colors like teals, pinks, salmon, and orange to liven up a powder room. Pink jungle wallpaper will get your home look like a beach home. Our pink tropical wallpaper in flamingo and pink palm leaves will give the most glamorous vacation feeling.
Here at Think Noir Wallpapers, we offer curated selections of different jungle wallpaper designs that suit a tropical-inspired space or home. We have big and bold jungle leaf wallpaper prints to invoke a sense of space. We also have delicate jungle theme wallpaper designs for just a touch of tropical design you need.
Even minimalists can still indulge in our selection of jungle wallpapers - their themes and prints. Aside from nature prints, our jungle print wallpaper has landscapes and colors that invoke the same vibe. You can also go all-out with our palm trees wallpaper as a gorgeous mural.
Whether you want to go for a vibrant and energetic space or a serene and calming retreat, let the tropical plant wallpaper work its magic!