We are always pushing the envelope in terms of how to approach already well-known and loved designs with a fresh new twist. And this modern kitchen backsplash collection in geometric designs is just it!

We are proud to bring our modern kitchen backsplash ideas to life for interior-lovers everywhere! With this modern backsplash selection, we were thinking outside the box with the regular well-known shapes as circle, square or triangle. Our geometric backsplash features fun but sophisticated scallop, diamond, hexagon or 6-star shapes. To make things even more fun, our geometric tile backsplash design colors are customisable, making possible to incorporate our decorative backsplash into every kitchen or bathroom interior - behind sinks or stoves.

Patterned backsplash is a budget-friendly alternative to porcelain, stone or ceramic tiles or a great solution for covering them by freshening up the home interior instantly.

Inspired by contemporary trends, our geometric tile backsplash brings a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether you're revamping a kitchen or updating a bathroom, these peel and stick backsplash designs make it easy to achieve a high end look without the hassle of traditional installation - our peel and stick kitchen backsplash is really quick and easy to install.

Perfect for modern kitchen backsplash seeking a bold statement piece, our geometric backsplash to add visual interest and depth to any kitchen or bathroom. Transform your space with geometric kitchen backsplash for that amazing accent piece to any interior look.

Protect your walls or other surfaces from grease or water residue with a modern and quality solution - our modern hexagon kitchen backsplash!