How To Choose Wallpaper For Kids Room

When it comes to decorating a kids room, it can become challenging and overwhelming to choose a theme and color combination when there are so many kids room styles to choose from. A great way to create a base for the kids room interior design, is installing kids room wallpaper. To help you with some inspiration on how to choose wallpaper for kids room and master a fun and dreamy kids room interior, here will be 5 tips for a modern and fun kids room interior with different kid wallpaper designs.


Create A Cozy And Interesting Atmosphere 

Neutral Oversized Leopard Print Kids Wall Mural

One of the first and main things to consider when planning a kids room design is making sure of creating a cozy atmosphere that feels both interesting and relaxing. In the photo above we can see a cute and welcoming kids room interior with the Neutral Oversized Leopard Print Wall Mural from the Neutral Kids Wallpaper collection. If you love a neutral color palette interior design, but want to create an eye-catching kids room wall design, then a fun leopard print wallpaper for kids room can be a perfect and youthful choice.

Neutral Dreamy Kids Wallpaper

If, however, you are looking for more dreamy and elegant kids room wallpaper ideas, then the Elegant Baroque Print Wallpaper from the Neutral Kids Wallpaper collection as seen in the photo above can be a beautiful girls room wallpaper choice. The light and airy girls room print wallpaper design can definitely create a magical atmosphere for creative learning as well as play time.


Consider Timeless Designs

Kids Black And White Wallpaper

If you are looking for lasting kids wallpaper designs that would feel modern later on in a teens room as well, then a timeless kids wallpaper style can be a great choice. And a black and white kids wallpaper design can definitely be both elegant and fun. In the photo above we can see the Checkers Print Wallpaper For Kids from the Scandi Kids collection creating a minimalistic yet eye-catching kids room background.

Dalmatian Print Teen Room Wallpaper

As a more fun black and white kids room wallpaper we recommend the Dalmatian Print Teen Room Wallpaper from the Scandi Kids collection. The youthful dalmatian print black and white wallpaper can create a joyful and charming kids room interior background that will as well allow to combine the wallpaper with colorful decor and furniture without making the interior feel overwhelming. For more black and white wallpaper design, visit the Black And White Wallpaper collection.


Create An Accent Wall

Scandi Art Deco Kids Wallpaper

Another great way of incorporating wallpaper in a kids room is by creating an accent wall. This way you can choose a kids room wallpaper pattern that might feel too much on multiple walls but will feel perfect on one, creating a beautiful focal point in the kids room. In the photo above we can see a gorgeous example of a wallpaper accent wall in nursery by Dani where she has chosen the Scandi Light Grey Art Deco Wallpaper in custom colors: Champagne Shower & White from the Modern Art Deco Wallpaper collection that creates an elegant and timeless nursery interior with wallpaper.

Blue Coastal Kids Wallpaper

As already mentioned, choosing to create an accent wall allows you to choose a bolder, brighter and more vibrant kids room wallpaper. And in the photo above we can see the stunning blue kids wallpaper for boys room - Sailing Day Coastal Style Wallpaper from the Toddler & Kids Room Wallpaper collection, that creates an eye-catching and fun sea themed boys room interior. As blue is a very popular kids room color choice, you can pair the coastal kids room wallpaper perfectly in a blue themed kids room interior.


Pairing Wallpaper With Paint

Pink Floral Nursery Removable Wallpaper

If you already have installed paneling in the kids room and are looking for matching wallpaper design and color, then it can become a more difficult task. However, as most of our wallpaper designs are available to order in custom colors, you can pick your favorite pattern and choose the most suitable color or color combinations from the color palette, making the task easy to accomplish. In the photo above we can see an example of a pink girls room interior by Meg with the Simple Light Pink Peonies Wallpaper from the Toddler & Kids Room Wallpaper collection where Meg has combined the pink paneling with a charming floral kids room wallpaper that together creates a beautiful balanced interior look.

Boho Style Nursery Removable Wallpaper

If, however, the kids room walls are, for example, painted in a lighter color and you would like to add an accent wall, then picking a wallpaper design with a similar tone base color will ensure a beautiful finished look that will match the painted walls. In the photo above we can see a beautiful boho kids room interior created by Kaity, where she has used the Bohemian Nursery Feather Print Wallpaper from the Neutral Kids Wallpaper collection to add some neutral yet fun pop of color that matches perfectly with the painted walls.


Consider The Theme

Tropical Banana Leaves Kids Room Wallpaper

Another important detail to pay attention to before choosing the kids wallpaper style and pattern is the theme you would like to create. If you are looking for tropical kids room ideas with wallpaper, then the Gold Banana Leaves Nursery Wall Mural from the Eclectic Kids wallpaper collection seen in the photo above can be both a fun and elegant tropical kids wallpaper choice. If the tropical theme has grabbed your attention, make sure to visit the Tropical wallpaper collection for more inspiration.

Pink Dreamy Pastel Girls Room Wallpaper

If, however, you are looking for dreamy kids wallpaper ideas that would create an enchanting fairytale themed girls room interior design, you might fall in love with the Dreamy Pastel Sea Shells Wallpaper from the Dreamy Kids wallpaper collection seen in the photo above. Make sure to visit the Dreamy Kids wallpaper collection for more dreamy kids room wallpaper inspiration to choose your favorite removable wallpaper for kids room.

We hope this blog post will give you inspiration on how to choose wallpaper for the kids room and what details to pay attention to. If you would like to get some more inspiration on how to decorate a kids room, visit our Girls Room Decor Ideas - 3 Styles For Every Taste blog post, Boys Room Decor Ideas - 3 Styles For Every Taste blog post and Nursery Decor Ideas - 3 Styles For Every Taste blog post.


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