Matching wallpaper color to your interior design is a smart move when creative a cohesive look. From blue wallpaper, pink wallpaper or even gold color wallpaper. We have all the colors you can image for our peel and stick wallpaper designs. Keep browsing to find the perfect wallpaper for your own home interior.

Grey Wallpaper collection - Grey wallpaper is a great choice if you want to create a light grey room with muted tones. Gray wallpaper will bring a great accent to the room and keep the room in quite neutral look. If that is exactly what you are looking for, make sure to look through our grey wallpapers.

Red Wallpaper collection - Red color is daring and bold, and definitely something that leaves an impression right away. Red wallpapers are great choice for interiors that are supposed to stand out. Maybe your room is in need for red flower wallpaper. If so, then most definitely visit our red peel and stick wallpaper collection to find your perfect, brave red wall decor.

Green Wallpaper collection - How to incorporate nature into your interior design? The answer is simple - green wallpaper. Green accent wall will refresh any room in your house. If you are looking for something botanical and tropical we have a variety of green peel and stick wallpaper designs in this style.

Blue Wallpaper collection - Dreamy interior design starts with romantic, light blue wallpaper. Floral designs, flowing patterns and rich shade of blue - this and more you can find in our blue peel and stick wallpaper collection. We even have baby blue wallpaper designs for those light and playful interiors.

Black & White Wallpaper collection - The ultimate color combo classic: black and white. Black and white wallpaper designs are such a classy and modern choice for your home interior. Black and white wallpapers don't have to be dark and boring. Our fun and geometric patterns will definitely create a big impact to the overall look of the room. Make sure to browse through this collection if you are looking for black and white bathroom ideas or black and white living room wallpaper.

Yellow Wallpaper collection - Like a bright sun light, yellow wallpapers can make your day better! Yellow wallpaper designs can be incorporated in all kind of different rooms in your house. With yellow wall paper you can create yellow kitchen walls or even yellow powder room design.

White Wallpaper collection - If you are looking for white decor for walls then make sure to visit our white wallpaper collection. Sometimes you just need to keep it simple with some plain white background on the walls. We have a variety of white peel and stick wallpaper designs to choose from.

Pink Wallpaper collection - Pretty in pink! Pink wall paper is not only suitable for kids room interiors but also for some bold living room or dinning room interiors. In this bold wallpaper collection we have incorporated pink floral wallpaper, pink pastel wallpaper, light pink wallpaper and more.

Faux Gold Wallpaper collection - If you are feeling luxurious then gold wallpaper is the perfect choice for you! Our gold peel and stick wallpaper will make your interior pop with some gold leaf wallpaper design.

Multicolor Wallpaper collection - Can't decide which color wallpaper to choose? Then you possibly need to look for a colorful wallpaper design. Our multicolor wallpaper selection have purple wallpaper, brown wallpaper or even orange wallpaper to choose from.