Red not only associates with all things romantic, but is also the color of passion. A deep red pigment can be tricky to convey to a material by not making it look washed-out. We have taken up the challenge and offer a range of beautiful and luxurious red wallpaper.
From modern retro-inspired red lip pattern to blooming red flower wallpaper, we encourage to embrace this bold color by having a red accent wall to compliment rooms with deep brown, black or violet colored interior elements or having a red kitchen wall decor or red accent wall living room situation to compliment soft pastels or shades of beige.
Red walls as a red home decor will shift up lively energy and most definitely won't go unnoticed by your guests.
Constructed of the finest backing material and painted with high-quality, moisture-resistant and future-proof ink, our red wallpapers are made to impart their daring aesthetics to your walls for as long as possible. Each red wall paper design is carefully curated such that they take maximum advantage of the feelings they invoke without being too overwhelming – a point that cannot be stressed more with such a powerful color as red.
We at Think Noir ensure maximum client satisfaction with a vast collection of designs that have high durability, longevity, aesthetic value, and ease of application and removal; our red peel and stick wallpaper is no exception.