Nursery Decor Ideas - 3 Styles For Every Taste

It is an exciting and joyful time to design and decorate a nursery. With so many styles and options to choose from, one might find themselves trying to figure out which look might be the most fitting. If you are looking for some inspirations for modern nursery decor ideas, read further and check out these gorgeous nursery decor ideas mood boards with 3 styles for every taste.

Rich Maximalism

Rich Maximalism Nursery Decor Ideas

Maximalism has been one of this year's trends when it comes to nursery decor. Being a complete opposite to a minimalistic neutral tone design, this decor style will definitely create a fun, lively and joyful atmosphere with plenty of detail to draw an eye up on to. In this rich maximalism nursery decor ideas mood board, we wanted to combine the earthy tones with some pop of red, pink and yellow to create a decor combination that would work great for both girls nursery interior and boys nursery interior. We chose a cozy warm yellow blanket, a sage color crib, a fun soft lion toy, colorful cushion and a bright red storage box for a mix of colors. For a more safari themed nursery interior, we chose the Tropical Vibes Palm Leaves Wallpaper For Kids from the Nursery wallpaper collection. For a little pop of pink color as another nursery wallpaper option to combine in this decor style we chose the Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper from the Eclectic Kids wallpaper collection.

Get The Look
  1. Ochre 6 Layer Muslin Blanket - Project Nursery
  2. Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper - Think Noir
  3. Red Storage Box - H&M Home
  4. Tropical Vibes Palm Leaves Wallpaper For Kids - Think Noir
  5. Sage Color Origami Mini Crib - Project Nursery
  6. Lion Soft Toy - H&M Home
  7. Embroidered Cushion Cover - H&M Home

Cozy Scandi

Cozy Scandi Nursery Decor Ideas

Another great option for nursery decor style is the neutral scandi. As contrasting black & white color patterns can help to support newborns' brain and visual development, in this cozy scandi nursery decor ideas mood board we wanted to pair contrasting black and white decor and wallpaper designs with some warm neutral tones that would work perfectly for both genders. We chose a neutral colored crib and paired it with an oat striped quilt, contrasting black & white patterned cushion, a soft hedgehog toy and a dotted black and white storage box. As one of the nursery wallpaper options we chose the Cute Watercolor Spot Wallpaper For Kids Room In Black & White from the Nursery wallpaper collection. For a more feminine black and white nursery wallpaper design, we chose the Baby Girl Nursery Grey Peonies Wallpaper from the Nursery collection. If you would like to browse more black and white wallpaper design options, visit our Black And White collection.


Get The Look
  1. Oat Stripe Quilt - Project Nursery
  2. Baby Girl Nursery Grey Peonies Wallpaper - Think Noir
  3. Cotton Storage Basket - H&M Home
  4. Cute Watercolor Spot Wallpaper For Kids Room In Black & White - Think Noir
  5. Sprout 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit - Project Nursery
  6. Hedgehog Soft Toy - H&M Home
  7. Patterned Cushion Cover - H&M Home


Dreamy Pastel

Dreamy Pastel Nursery Decor Ideas

Are pastel tones more in your nursery decor style? Then perhaps this dreamy pastel nursery decor ideas mood board will be just for you. As pastel pink is often used for baby girls nursery design and pastel blue for baby boys nursery design, in this mood board we combined the both color tones for a dreamy nursery decor style. For a girls nursery decor style, we chose the pink crib and combined it with a pink daisy quilt and a dreamy unicorn rug. To give it a pastel blue touch we chose a blue quilted storage basket and a multicolored throw pillow. For a baby girls nursery design we chose to combine the pastel decor with our floral nursery wallpaper - Light Peony Design Large Wall Mural For Nursery from the Nursery collection. And for a baby boys nursery design we chose the tropical nursery wallpaper - Baby Blue Tropical Palm Leaves Wallpaper from the Dreamy Kids wallpaper collection. 

Get The Look
  1. Daisy Quilt - Project Nursery
  2. Baby Blue Tropical Palm Leaves Wallpaper - Think Noir
  3. Quilted Storage Basket - H&M Home
  4. Light Peony Design Large Wall Mural For Nursery - Think Noir
  5. Pink Origami Mini Crib - Project Nursery
  6. Unicorn-Shaped Rug - H&M Home
  7. Multicolored Textured Throw Pillow - Zara Home


We hope this blog post showing 3 different nursery decor styles will give you inspiration to create your perfect nursery interior. For more nursery wallpaper design options in the above decor styles visit our Eclectic Kids, Scandi Kids and Dreamy Kids wallpaper collections.

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