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There is definitely something spectacular, dazzling and at the same time elegant about a luxurious style interior design. Whether you are looking for ideas on how to achieve the gorgeous luxurious look from the start or looking for ideas on how to add a luxurious touch to your interior design, there are a couple of easy ways to create the statement look. In this blog post we want to share a couple of DIY interior design ideas that will help you create a unique and gorgeous luxurious interior with luxury wallpaper designs and decor pieces that together create the rich interior look.


Touch Of Gold

Luxurious Gold Wall Mural Tropical Bedroom Interior

Gold definitely is the material and color that is strongly associated with luxury. And adding gold details to any interior can add a touch of luxury to it. But to really elevate the luxury look and create a dazzling luxury interior, gold wallpaper pattern will add a stunning backdrop, such as the luxury gold color bedroom accent wall seen in the photo above with the - Large Golden Banana Leaf Wall Mural from the Luxury wallpaper collection. If you love the idea of adding gold peel and stick wallpaper to your interior, visit the Gold Wallpaper collection and browse through the different gold removable wallpaper designs in different styles.


Luxurious Pattern

Luxurious removable wallpaper with oysters

Not only can a touch of gold bring the luxury vibe to the interior, but choosing a rich, luxurious wallpaper pattern can create a statement luxury accent wall. In the photo above we can see the gorgeous Oysters For Lunch Wallpaper from the Luxury wallpaper collection. Champagne and oysters definitely make for a luxurious celebration, therefore, installing this original luxury wallpaper in your kitchen or dining room can definitely not only add a luxurious look but a luxurious feeling to the interior as you enter the room as well.


Vintage Style

Luxury vintage peonies removable wallpaper

Another way to bring the luxury interior to life for those who love a high quality interior style from another era, is by incorporating the vintage interior style. There is something breathtaking and timeless about a vintage interior. And it does not have to feel old, and rather modern and chic as seen in the photo above with the Vintage Chic Peonies Wallpaper from the Luxury wallpaper collection. The luxury floral wallpaper pairs perfectly with gold details and vintage decor. Make sure to visit the Vintage wallpaper collection to get more inspiration on luxury vintage interior designs with vintage wallpaper. As most of our removable wallpaper designs are available to order in custom colors, you can always add that touch of gold color to your favorite luxury wallpaper design.


Elegant Black And White

Elegant black and white art deco wallpaper design

If you are looking for elegant and timeless luxury interior ideas, then black and white wallpaper designs can give you the beautiful interior backdrop or accent wall you were looking for. And if we are speaking about luxury black and white peel and stick wallpaper designs, then art deco wallpaper designs definitely are one of the best luxury wallpaper choices. In the photo above we can see the Modern Art Deco Design Wallpaper from the Luxury wallpaper collection adding an eye-catching yet minimalistic and elegant touch to the luxury black and white bedroom interior. Visit our Modern Art Deco wallpaper collection to browse through multiple gorgeous designs in custom colors.


Large Mirrors

Large luxury mirror

When you have given your interior walls some luxurious treatment with dazzling or more minimalistic wallpaper designs, a further way to elevate the luxury interior is by adding a large floor mirror. The mirror not only will be the perfect interior piece to help you put together luxurious outfits but a mirror large enough can give the illusion of the space feeling larger than it is. Furthermore, choosing a mirror with a gold frame as the Giada Floor Mirror from McGee & Co seen in the photo above can add another luxurious touch to your interior design.


Statement Rug

Luxury statement rug for luxury interior

Furthermore, a statement design rug can add a luxurious touch to any interior. Whether a more minimalistic and light or bolder and brighter style rug as the Hand-Tufted Ray Rug from Anthropology, the rug will give an eye-catching, welcoming vibe to the interior. Make sure to choose a material that feels rich and luxurious as well as warm and comforting. And a rug in the gold color palette as the warm and sunny rug in the photo above will definitely add a touch of richness to the interior design.


Luxurious Room Fragrance

Jo Malone luxurious room scent

While we have gone through different ideas and tips to create a luxury interior design look, another detail that can make the interior feel welcoming and luxurious is the room scent. A luxurious, rich interior that does not provide a pleasant scent, can quickly make the interior feel unwelcoming and not that luxurious at all. However, incorporating a luxurious room scent as the Jo Malone Scent Surround Diffuser - Lilac Lavender & Lovage from Net-A-Porter, can draw the luxury feeling in the interior through another sense other than the visual aesthetic.

We hope this blog post gives you different ideas on how to easily add a luxurious touch to the interior and create the rich and dazzling interior design look. Make sure to visit the Luxury wallpaper collection for more luxury interior design ideas.

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