Tropical Wallpaper And How To Master The Exotic Interior Look

If you are looking for ways to bring the outdoors feeling inside but want to give it an exotic touch then incorporating tropical wallpaper design can be the perfect choice. Tropical peel and stick wallpaper can definitely effectively bring the tropical outdoors vibe in the interior by creating a gorgeous tropical wall mural accent wall or covering multiple or all walls with tropical wallpaper for a wow effect interior design look. You can choose to add a small yet eye-catching tropical wallpaper detail in the interior or create a statement look with a dazzling full coverage. To give you ideas on how to master the exotic interior look with tropical murals for walls here will be different interior projects with one of our most popular tropical wall mural designs in different colors to inspire from.


Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural

Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural

If you love a tropical interior look in a more warmer neutral color palette, then the Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection as seen in the photo above can be a gorgeous choice. You can create a gorgeous, eye-catching tropical mural accent wall to add an exotic touch to your living room or any other space that you would like to add a warm and welcoming summer oasis feeling. 

Dried tropical wallpaper bedroom accent wall

If you are looking for tropical mural ideas for the bedroom, in the photo above we can see a stunning bedroom design by Sam with our Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection that creates a gorgeous tropical accent wall. As we can see in the bedroom project design above, the tropical leaves mural accent wall goes very well with warm orange and rust color tones together with warm neutrals and earthy greens. 

Neutral tropical wallpaper bathroom interior

When it comes to bathroom and powder room design, tropical mural design could be one of the most suitable choices to create a fresh, welcoming and pleasing design. Furthermore, tropical bathroom wallpaper can transport you to an exotic oasis and make you feel like entering a luxurious retreat. In the photo above we can see a beautiful tropical bathroom design by Rob Copenhaver with our tropical leaf mural - Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection that installed on all bathroom walls creates a statement look.


Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural

Exotic palm leaf wall mural

Add some green to the tropical interior design with the tropical leaf wallpaper - Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection as seen in the photo above. When it comes to jungle wall murals, you do not need to add much to the interior design and rather allow the botanical wallpaper to create the statement accent look itself. Add some touches of gold detail and fixtures to create an elegant and sophisticated look. 

Exotic tropical wallpaper bedroom accent wall

Create a tropical paradise in your bedroom interior by adding a palm leaf mural to create a tropical accent wall. You can maintain the warm and elegant vibe with background tropical wallpaper by incorporating a touch of gold detail and earthy, subtle elements. In the photo above we can see a charming tropical bedroom project by Sam where she has created a gorgeous accent wall with the tropical mural wallpaper - Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection. If you would like to learn more about how to choose an accent wall, visit our How To Choose The Accent Wall? blog post.

Exotic wallpaper interior design

Peel and stick tropical wallpaper can also be a great choice to add some exotic outdoorsy touch to the kitchen or dining room interior. The botanical removable wall mural - Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper in the interior project by David above adds a unique character to the kitchen interior and as we already saw in the previous projects, goes very well with gold details that creates a chic and elegant look.


Bright Green Tropical Wall Mural

Bright green tropical wallpaper

If, however, you are looking for lush green wall mural ideas to really incorporate that exotic paradise vibe in the interior, then the Bright Green Tropical Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection can be just what you are looking for. The green leaf wall mural can definitely add that luxurious jungle feeling to the interior. If you love green palm leaf wallpaper designs, visit our Botanical wallpaper collection to browse more gorgeous designs in custom colors.

Bright green tropical wallpaper living room design

Incorporating green colors in the interior can not only bring an outdoors feeling inside as it is associated with the natural world, but also create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. If tropical leaf wallpapers suit your interior style taste, then the tropical removable wallpaper - Bright Green Tropical Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection will create a stunning green mural accent wall in your living room, home office, kitchen or any other space. 

Green tropical wallpaper bathroom design

Incorporating removable wallpaper in bathroom and powder room interiors is a chic and trendy way to add some pattern and pop of color. And green tropical print wallpaper can definitely create a vibrant and lush tropical haven to bathroom interior. And as seen in the photo above, the green wall mural - Bright Green Tropical Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection pairs perfectly with organic textures and tropical touches in decor and fabric details that combined with lush greenery creates a harmonious, chic look for a luxurious, inviting relaxation.

We hope this blog post will give you inspiration on creating your exotic interior look with botanical wallpaper or peel and stick wall mural. If you would like to browse more tropical and botanical wallpaper designs, visit the Botanical wallpaper collection or the Tropical wallpaper collection.


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