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Entryways and foyers can often feel dull and cold and if there are no windows to bring in the natural light, they can feel dark as well. There are, however, ways to bring some pop of color and character to the space and make it feel lighter. While just painted walls in the foyer can look plain, installing wallpaper for entryway or wallpaper for foyer can create a welcoming atmosphere and add a modern detail to the interior. In this blog post we want to give you inspiration on how to use modern foyer wallpaper and entryway wallpaper in different styles to create a chic interior design.


Light Grey Scandinavian Herringbone Wallpaper

Light Grey Scandinavian Herringbone Wallpaper

If you want to create a light entryway interior and want to give it an elegant detail with an eye-catching removable wallpaper pattern, then herringbone design can be a perfect choice for a minimalistic yet modern look. Herringbone wallpaper design is a popular wallpaper choice in multiple spaces and in the photo above we can see the beautiful Light Grey Scandinavian Herringbone Wallpaper from the Foyer Wallpaper collection that can create a charming accent wall in the entryway.


Green Vintage Botanical Foliage Wallpaper

Green Botanical Foyer Removable Wallpaper

Florals in the interior not only are a great way to bring a blooming spring and summer outdoors feeling indoors but to create a charming and welcoming interior design as well. And if you are looking for entrance hall wallpaper ideas and love a beautiful farmhouse interior design, then floral foyer wallpaper might just be the right choice to create a blooming entryway interior. In the photo above we can see a gorgeous example of a lush green floral entryway interior design created by Lauren with the Green Vintage Botanical Foliage Wallpaper from the Botanical wallpaper collection.


Minimal Geometric Design Wallpaper

Geometric Foyer Wallpaper Design

If, however, you are looking for unique entryway wallpaper ideas, then in the photo above we can see a chic entryway design example by getdecorated with the Minimal Geometric Design Wallpaper from the Foyer Wallpaper collection that not only adds an eye-catching look to the walls but to the ceiling as well. While wallpapering ceiling has become more popular during the last years, wallpapering ceiling and walls with the same entryway wallpaper pattern can definitely create a dazzling interior look that will impress your guests from the moment of entering the space.


Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural

Exotic palm leaf wall mural

Another great wallpaper design choice, if you are looking for wallpaper ideas for a hallway, is tropical wallpaper that will bring the outdoors vibe inside with an exotic touch. And a tropical wallpaper design in a lush green color will do just that and bring the tropical feeling indoors. Above we can see the Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Foyer Wallpaper collection that together with gold foyer interior decor, creates a luxurious interior design aesthetic.


Large Dalmatian Spot Wall Mural

Large Dalmatian Spot Wall Mural

Dots pattern wallpaper for the hallway can bring a fun and youthful vibe to the interior. And if you love a dot or spot pattern, then you might find the Large Dalmatian Spot Wall Mural from the Foyer Wallpaper collection a charming choice for a stylish black and white foyer interior design with foyer wallpaper. For more black and white interior inspiration, visit the Black And White Wallpaper collection where you will find multiple black and white removable wallpaper designs in different styles.


Tropical Palm Leaves Wall Mural

Tropical Palm Leaves Wall Mural

In the photo above we can see another exotic palm leaf foyer wallpaper design Tropical Palm Leaves Wall Mural from the Foyer Wallpaper collection that can definitely bring the tropical breeze in the interior. If you love a tropical interior style and large scale prints are just in your taste, make sure to visit the Tropical wallpaper collection to browse through more tropical wallpaper and tropical wall mural designs in custom colors.


Modern Black Arrow Wallpaper

Modern Black Arrow Foyer Wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper can be the perfect choice for an elegant and timeless interior background. And if you are looking for mudroom wallpaper ideas, then in the photo above we can see a chic black and white stripe wallpaper for mudroom - Modern Black Arrow Wallpaper from the Foyer Wallpaper collection in the cozy entryway interior design created by Tracey where she has combined the black and white colors in different patterns with some fun pops of color in interior decor for a balanced and welcoming interior design.


Grey Peonies Drawing Wallpaper

Grey Peonies Drawing Wallpaper

As previously mentioned, wallpapering ceilings can add a unique touch to the interior. And in the entryway project by Sam in the photo above we can see how the blooming Grey Peonies Drawing Wallpaper from the Floral wallpaper collection add an eye-catching and unexpected detail to the space. As most of our wallpaper designs are available to order in custom colors, you can create your own personalized design for a unique foyer interior look and choose from bolder and brighter color combinations to lighter and neutral tones.

We hope this blog post gives you inspiration to create your own personalized and welcoming entryway or foyer interior design with wallpaper. Make sure to visit the Foyer Wallpaper collection to view more wallpaper for entryway and  foyer wallpaper styles and find your favorite design.

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