Gold Wallpaper

If you’re looking to imbue your room in a classic regal look, you can’t go wrong with gold wallpaper for walls. Gold is universally understood to be a symbol of wealth and plenty, and what better way to make sure the rooms in your house give off an atmosphere of abundance than gold wallpaper.

Whether you want to infuse your rooms with gilt worthy of a pharaoh’s burial room, or style it with some subtler golden accents, our collection of gold removable wallpaper has something in store for you. No need to worry about needing to replace it when it gets damaged or when you think it’s time for a change in design; our gold peel and stick wallpaper is easy to stick on and take off, allowing for quick wallpaper changes on a whim.

Not that you’d need to worry too much about damage; our removable gold wallpaper is made out of only the highest quality backing and painted with rich, long-lasting, moisture-resistant inks. It’d take a very long time before you would have to swap wallpapers because of degradation. Our wallpapers are designed to be compatible for those who want temporary wallpapers as well as those who want long-term wallpapers. Here at Think Noir, we place heavy emphasis on convenience and catering to the whims of our clientele however fickle, and our gold temporary wallpaper is a shining example of that.