How To Choose Wallpaper For Kids Room

When it comes to picking the right wallpaper for a kid's room, it can turn out to be a difficult task, because of all of the beautiful options and materials available. First of all, it is important to understand the interior style you would want to create in the kids room and then think about the wallcovering - if you would like to cover all walls, multiple walls or just create a gorgeous accent wall. To help you with some ideas and how to choose the right wallpaper for a kid's room, in this blog post we will be going through the difference between wallpaper materials and which might be the best to use in different projects, and trendy kids room styles with matching beautiful wallpaper design.

Wallpaper material

Once you have decided on the kids wallpaper design, you might think - which wallpaper material might be the best choice for your kids room project. We offer traditional and self-adhesive kids wallpaper materials. Both of them are DIY friendly but are applied differently.

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Material

Our self-adhesive wallpaper material or in other words peel and stick wallpaper is applied almost as a giant sticker, by gradually pulling off the backing paper and carefully applying it to the wall starting from the top, making it an easy option that does not require a lot of materials for installation. As the material sticks to the surface immediately, applying self-adhesive wallpaper does require to be precise to place the panel in the right position and achieve a picture perfect result with ideal pattern repeat. In case of a need of re-placing the panel to match the pattern, it will require to pull the wallpaper panel off and reapply it, therefore, it is important to be gentle and not pull it too much. Self-adhesive wallpaper for kids can be a perfect option if you are planning to cover one or two walls or a smaller eye-catching section in the room, as it can be slightly faster to apply and it will be less messy as there will be no need for wallpaper glue or paste. If you would like to learn more about how to install kids room peel and stick wallpaper, visit our How To Install Removable Wallpaper blog post.


  • Does not require glue or paste, therefore, can be slightly quicker and less messy to apply;
  • Ideal for smaller kids room projects, such as covering one or two walls or a smaller section;
  • Attention and precision is necessary, as in case of changing the position of the panel, it will require pulling the wallpaper panel off and reapplying it.

Traditional Wallpaper

Yellow Amber Peony Wallpaper Kids Room

Our traditional wallpaper is a popular choice between professionals and first time wallpaper installers. To apply traditional wallpaper, you will need wallpaper paste or glue, however, the process is slightly easier and faster than with other traditional wallpapers in the market, as instead of applying the glue to the back of the wallpaper, you will need to apply it directly to the wall, making it less messy and easier to slide the panels in the perfect position next to each other for an ideal pattern match. It can be a perfect choice for wallpaper kids room projects that intend to cover all four walls or ceiling. Above we can see our Yellow Amber Peony Wallpaper from the Floral collection that creates an enchanting atmosphere in a girls room. To learn more about installing our traditional wallpaper, visit our How To Install Traditional Wallpaper blog post.

  • Glue or paste for non-woven wallpaper is needed;
  • Glue or paste is applied directly on the wall, making it less messy and easier to slide the panels in the perfect position for an ideal pattern match;
  • Ideal for wallpapering all walls in the kids room or the ceiling.


    Think About The Style

    With so many gorgeous kids wallpaper designs available, you should firstly consider the style of the kids room you would like to create, or if the wallpaper design will match the already started kids room theme. Here will be some of the most popular kids room interior styles and kids room wallpapers to match them with.

    Bohemian Feather Print Kids Wallpaper

    Boho has been one of the favorite kids rooms interior styles for a while. The soft colors with added accents of brighter colors, nature inspired decor and cozy textiles give the kids room a gorgeous, charming atmosphere. Pairing it with a charming boho inspired kids bedroom wallpaper, will take the interior style to a new level. In the photo above we can see the beautiful kids room project by Kaity with our Bohemian Nursery Feather Print Wallpaper from the Neutral Kids collection If you would like to check more options for a boho inspired kids wallpaper design, visit our Bohemian wallpaper collection.

    Neutral Leopard Print Kids Wallpaper

    Neutral kids room interior style is one more of the long time favorites. If you are looking for a relaxing, luxurious and bright design, then this will be the right choice for your kids room design. Neutral kids room wallpaper can also create an illusion of the room being slightly bigger than it is and it is a perfect timeless option for a gender neutral kids wallpaper. In the photo above we can see our modern neutral kids wallpaper - Neutral Oversized Leopard Print Wall Mural, that is a perfect choice for a warm and eye-catching wall design. To check out more gorgeous neutral design kids wallpaper, visit our Neutral Kids wallpaper collection.


    Minty Pastel Jungle Leaves Kids Wallpaper

    Bringing the great outdoors feeling indoors can be a fun and exciting style for a kid's bedroom. A mixture of warm and bright colors, leafy and green wallpaper for kids, nature inspired decor all makes for a joyful kids bedroom interior. Furthermore tropical design can also be a perfect choice for a fun kids playroom wallpaper. If you love a tropical kids bedroom wallpaper, then perhaps our Minty Pastel Green Jungle Leaves Wallpaper from the Eclectic Kids collection as seen above is just what you're looking for? To browse more options for a fun wallpaper for kids in a tropical style, check out our Tropical wallpaper collection.


    Sweet Meadow Floral Kids Wallpaper

    Blooming floral interior style is a perfect timeless choice for a charming girls bedroom. Pastel tones with eye-catching accents, soft textures and textiles can create a gorgeous feminine interior. Kids floral wallpaper can also be a perfect choice if you would love to bring a sense of an outdoors garden or a meadow inside. Above we can see a cute kids wallpaper for a girls room - Sweet Meadow Girls Bedroom Wallpaper from the Dreamy Kids collection. To check out more blooming removable wallpaper for kids options, visit our Floral wallpaper collection.


    We hope this blog post showing kids room wallpaper ideas and describing the best kids wallpaper material choices for different projects, will help you with some inspiration for your kids room project and choosing the most suitable, modern wallpaper for kids room.  


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