How To Use Leftover Wallpaper - 5 Easy DIY Projects

Have you ever done a perfect wallpaper project, but ended up with some leftover wallpaper that is quite plenty to do something with it, but it ends up at the back of the closet for the day when it might get to be put in use? If you do love to not leave anything to waste and creatively repurpose the leftover material for another project, then this blog post will be just for you. To give you some ideas of where to use leftover wallpaper, here will be 5 easy DIY projects to tackle during a weekend.

Frame It

Vintage Blue Peonies Wallpaper Bathroom Interior

One of the easiest ways to use a beautiful design leftover wallpaper that would not require a lot of work or material is to put a piece of it in a frame. Another way to create a picture perfect wall art with wallpaper that is not enough to cover the whole part of a wall from the top to bottom is to put it in the wall paneling. Above we can see a gorgeous, blooming bathroom project example of installed wallpaper in wall paneling by Van, where she has used our Vintage Blue Peonies Wallpaper from the Romantic collection. If you love floral wallpaper design, visit our Floral collection, to find more blooming design options.

Create A One Of A Kind Closet

Vintage Chic Peonies Wallpaper Lined Closet

If you like to include original decor and detail in your interior, then a budget friendly DIY way to redesign an existing one is by using the leftover wallpaper from your previous project. Above we can see an easy DIY closet makeover, by adding some of that leftover wallpaper to the back of the closet to give it some pop of color and create a pleasing surprise moment when opening it. In the project above Camila has used our Vintage Chic Peonies Wallpaper from the Floral collection to give her linen closet a complete make-over and make it one of a kind.


Wallpaper A Bookcase

Honeycomb Bees Wallpaper Lined Bookcase

A fun and definitely original way to put the leftover wallpaper in use is to give your bookcase a new and fresh look with some added splash of color. You can choose to wallpaper the outside of the bookcase, line the whole inside of it for a colorful wow factor look, or as in the photo above, cover the back of the bookcase and give it an elegant and striking detail. We love how fitting and chic the chosen Dark Grey Honeycomb Bees Design Wallpaper from the Luxury collection looks in this wallpapered bookcase project by Fig & Ferniture.


 Line A Drawer

Vintage Peonies Wallpaper Lined Drawer

For a smaller piece of leftover wallpaper, a perfect place where to use it can be the drawers. There are a couple of options when it comes to wallpapering a drawer. You can choose to cover the front of the drawer with the leftover wallpaper, the sides, the handlers or as in the photo above, line the inside of the drawer. The Vintage Blue Peonies Wallpaper from the Romantic collection in the project above by Van gives the opened drawer a cute and unexpected pop of color that adds a feminine touch to it.

Wallpaper The Back Of The Shelves

Wallpapered Back Of A Shelf
If you have some open shelving at home with some of your favorite decor, glassware or anything else, then covering the back of the shelves will give them a new look with an eye-catching detail and put the items on stage. In the photo above we can see an example of wallpapered back of the shelving area in the living room by Iman with our Gatsby Art Deco Black & White Wallpaper from the Scandi collection. The added wallpaper detail gives the space an eye-catching detail that compliments the interior style.


We hope this blog post showing 5 easy DIY projects of where to use leftover wallpaper will give you some motivation and inspiration on where to put your hidden, unused pieces of leftover wallpaper and give a detail of your home some fun wallpaper make-over.

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