nature inspired interior with think noir wallpaper
Nature inspired interiors have been on the rise this year bringing earthy vibes and inside outside feelings indoors. More and more we want to find ourselves closer to nature, creating interior designs with loads of natural light, space, earth tones and gifts of nature. To give you some ideas of how to bring the great outdoors inside your home, in this blog post we would like to take you through 5 interior details that can create a nature inspired interior design.

 Natural Materials

large scale palm leaf design wallpaper
Nature has provided us with plenty of material to create luxurious interior pieces. To feel closer to nature at home, choose furniture made of wood and details of cotton or wool fabrics, stone and clay in furniture or decor. Furthermore, marble kitchen surfaces not only are seen as a very luxurious detail, but they add a chic and natural element to the interior as well. In the photo above we can see our Neutral Palm Leaf Wall Mural giving a tropical vibe to the bedroom interior. If you would like to check out more wallpaper options in this style, please visit our Tropical wallpaper collection.

Earth Tones

grey peony wallpaper design in bedroom
To enhance the outdoor feeling in the interior, choose earthy color tones. If you would like to go with a coastal, ocean theme, choose light brown tones, nudes, gray tones, shades of blue and green. If, for example, you would prefer to bring a feeling of woods at home, pick colors such as browns and rich, dark greens. Natalie, as seen in the photo above, has created a cozy bedroom interior using earthly tones, greenery and our Vintage Grey Peony Design Wallpaper to give the room a floral, blooming feeling.

Botanical Patterns

light floral wallpaper design meadow inspired
Invite the outdoors in with botanical wallpaper patterns. Whether you prefer a more tropical vibe, florals or a coastal style, there are many options to choose from. Covering walls with a nature inspired pattern and colors can be one of the easiest ways and one of the most effective ones that can make a very noticeable difference in the interior and bring the outdoor feeling inside. If you would like to give the interior a summer feeling of a beautiful blooming meadow then the Sweet Meadow Girls Bedroom Wallpaper, as seen above, can be a perfect choice to bring the floral outdoors feeling inside.

Indoor Plants

indoor plant filled entryway with tropical wallpaper
Plants with dramatic foliage have been a trend in the interior design this year for a while already. Choosing plants in unexpected sizes can almost even bring the indoors outside, as greenery walls, trees and hanging foliage from the ceiling are in style now. Jade, as seen in the photo above, has decorated the interior with plenty of greenery, giving it an outdoors inspired vibe, that combined with the Monstera Leaves Drawing Wallpaper enhances the outdoors theme even further.

Sustainable Design Elements

floral wallpaper in bedroom with wood decor elements
Not only to bring nature indoors, but to think about nature overall as well, picking recycled material furniture and decor can reduce the negative impact on the environment - it will save energy made to create the items and the material from nature to make them. As seen above, Natalie has chosen to compliment her bedroom interior with the Vintage Grey Peony Design Wallpaper and wooden furniture that gives the space a beautiful rustic aura with some added personality.


Giving an older cupboard a new breath of fresh air with a little DIY project, not only will save some funds, but it will give you a completely unique interior piece. Why not get a gorgeous vintage piece of furniture and give it some make-over, creating a statement interior piece as Breeya is showing us in the video above?

We hope this blog post showing ideas of how to bring a nature feeling indoors will give you some inspiration and help you visualize the best ways of giving your home interior some nature vibes for both eco-friendly and modern design.

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