tropical and botanical wallpaper designs
Do you love tropical/botanical interior design? In our wallpaper collection you can find different styles in different colors to suit any taste. But there are some wallpaper designs that can just fit in any space and are loved by our clients in many different interior designs. In this blog post, we will be going through 3 of our most versatile tropical/botanical wallpaper designs that can look gorgeous in multiple spaces.

Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural

neutral color palm leaves design wallpaper
Looking to add a tropical resort feeling at home? Our Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural is a perfect choice to give that island vibe in the interior. It is one of our most versatile designs that is used in different spaces. As seen in the photo above,Rob Copenhaver has given a very chic tropical touch to the bathroom interior with our Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural that makes the space feel brighter and very luxurious.
pastel pink palm leaves wallpaper design living room
If you prefer neutral, soft colors then our Palm Leaf Wall Mural design in a light color could be just the choice for your interior project. Giving a more minimalistic and elegant atmosphere in the interior, it is a perfect design to make the space feel brighter. A lighter color wallpaper design also works perfect as a backdrop for other interior items without being in the center of the stage, therefore, allowing to mix it with bolder furniture or decor and not make it too overwhelming.
tropical green palm leaf print wallpaper design
Our Palm Leaf Wall Mural comes in different colors, making it easy to use in multiple spaces. Perhaps our Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural giving green tropical vibes suits your taste more? A great option to bring the feeling of outdoors inside and add a breath of fresh resort style in your interior.

Large Banana Leaves Wall Mural

golden palm leaf design wallpaper in lux living room
Another one of our most versatile wallpaper designs that has been loved and used in different spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, nurseries and more is our Banana Leaf Wall Mural. In the photo above we can see our Large Golden Banana Leaf Wall Mural giving golden vibes in the bedroom design project by Wecselman Design.
green tropical palm leaves wallpaper with hats
Giving more of a green tropical touch, in the photo above we can see our Green Banana Leaf Wall Mural shining and creating a very chic botanical atmosphere. Compared with elegant and fun decor the wallpaper design works perfectly as an accent wall. Similarly to the Exotic Palm Leaf Wall Mural in green, this wallpaper design allows to bring a sense of exotic outdoors inside our home interior.
pink banana leaves wallpaper design for kids bedroom
With pink now being one of the top colors because of the Barbie movie, why not give your interior a Malibu vibe with this Pink Banana Leaf Wall Mural? Being a fun and eye-catching design, it can work perfectly in a girls bedroom interior - adding a tropical yet feminine vibe. Is pink your cup of tea in interior design?

Palm Leaves Wall Mural

black and white classic palm leaves wallpaper in kitchen interior
Another one of our most versatile wallpaper designs is the Tropical Palm Leaves Wall Mural. This wallpaper design also works great in different spaces, and above we can see an example of it adding a pop of color in a kitchen interior as an accent wall. Being a very exotic design, it definitely will suit a tropical interior style.
blue jungle inspired wallpaper with palm leaves
In the photo above we can see the same design in a blue color - Blue Jungle Theme Wall Mural. In this example we can see the wallpaper design being used in a bathroom interior, giving some chic and unique pop of color. We love how Andrea has created an exotic island atmosphere in the bathroom design from the moment of entering.
elegant palm leaves design in living room interior

For the ones who prefer a softer and lighter wallpaper design, but are still interested in a tropical theme, our new Soft Tropical Palm Leaf Wall Mural from the Tropical wallpaper collection is a great choice to combine the both worlds. Being an elegant design in a tropical theme, it can give the interior an luxurious retreat atmosphere to enjoy every day at home.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post showing some of our most versatile tropical and botanical wallpaper designs. If you are interested to view more tropical wallpaper options, visit our Tropical wallpaper designs or our Botanical wallpaper designs for more botanical wallpaper options.

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