bathroom and powder room design ideas with wallpaper
Are you looking to make some changes in your bathroom or powder room? A quick and easy way to add some more color, pattern and a completely different vibe to the space is adding wallpaper. To give you some inspiration, here will be three bathroom and powder room design ideas for a chic and blooming interior with our wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper in Paneling

wallpaper with paneling detail in powder room
If you are not yet fully committed to wallpaper a full wall or multiple with a bold, colorful wallpaper design, and you are lucky to have paneling in your bathroom, then adding wallpaper design in the paneling can create a beautiful picture perfect wall design and give noticeable changes to the space. In the photo above we can see the gorgeous bathroom project by Van with our self-adhesive Vintage Blue Peonies Wallpaper. For this project 8 wallpaper panels in 19” width and  56” height were needed. We love how the wallpaper has complimented the bathroom interior with a blooming and eye-catching detail.

Accent Wall

bathroom with pink floral wallpaper accent wall
Another great way to give your space a breath of fresh design air is to create an accent wall as seen in the photo above by Rachel. It is a perfect option to add a bold, statement wallpaper in the interior without making it too overwhelming. Usually when choosing which wall to wallpaper, it would be the one that you see first when entering the room. To find out more about choosing the right wall for accent fall, check out our How To Choose The Accent Wall blog post.
floral wallpaper with pink roses for bathroom vanity space

Above we can see a beautiful bathroom project by Rachel, where she has added our self-adhesive Feminine Floral Bouquet Wallpaper to give the space a wow factor worthy detail to dazzle its guests from the moment of entering. For this project 7 panels in 19” width and 96” height were used to cover the accent wall and a wall next to it, to create a beautiful wallpaper corner. 

Blooming Four Walls

vintage orange floral wallpaper in small powder room

If you have a smaller powder room space, then choosing a bolder wallpaper design and covering all four walls with it, can make the space feel brighter and more welcoming. Furthermore, a daring wallpaper in a smaller space can feel less overwhelming than covering all walls in a larger room, and in some cases even create the illusion of the smaller space becoming larger. In the photo above we can see the charming powder room design by Rosana, where she has covered all of the powder room walls with our traditional Vintage Amber Peonies Wallpaper. The wallpaper has given the space a captivating feeling that can almost feel like entering a blooming garden. In this project 9 panels in 25” width and 144” height were used to cover the powder room walls.

We hope this blog post showing three bathroom and powder room projects will give you some inspiration of how to easily give the space a completely different look and atmosphere. Perhaps blooming floral designs are in your style as well? To see more of our floral wallpaper design, please visit our Floral wallpaper collection.

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