home office design ideas with wallpaper
With working from home only becoming trendier, creating a comfortable and welcoming office space at home has become more popular. An office space can be a larger re-styled closet space, a corner in the living room, a dedicated room for work, a styled spot in the bedroom or any other comfortable space that provides creativity and motivation for work. As every style provides a different feeling and mood, choosing the right colors and interior style for the office space is important for the right atmosphere. In this blog post we will go through 5 beautiful home office designs to inspire from, for a comfortable and chic work space at home.

Small Home Office Corner In Black Floral Vibes

black floral wallpaper in home office
If you are looking to add more warmth and a cozy atmosphere in the office space, then going for darker, warmer colors is a great way to enhance it. In the photo above we can see a gorgeous small office space created by Kaelyn with our Black Floral Art Deco Wallpaper behind the desk. Furthermore, with professionals working from home and the importance of creating a neat and beautiful background for video calls growing, this wallpaper design will provide a statement backdrop for professionals calls with clients and colleagues everyday.

Dreamy Modern Art Home Office

art deco inspired wallpaper in neutral for office space
Are you looking for chic and eye-catching wall coverage? Natasha, as seen in the photo above, has created a very stylish office space that feels both welcoming and chic with our Modern Art Deco Style Wallpaper. We love how she has paired the wallpaper design with gold details and comfortable furniture to enhance the home office atmosphere but keep it modern and professional.

Gorgeous Blooming Pink Home Office

vintage roses print wallpaper in small office
Pink can be seen as a very feminine and soft color choice. With the new Barbie movie bringing us all the pink feelings in the world, the color has become a trend everywhere. If you love a blooming floral style with a feminine and blushing aura, then this floral pink home office style with our Blush Vintage Watercolor Roses Wallpaper might just be in your taste. If you are looking for more floral style wallpaper options, visit our Floral design wallpaper collection.

Dark Tropical Home Office Space

moody tropical leaves print wallpaper in home office space
For a darker, cozy and moody atmosphere, in the photo above we can see an example of a home office space with our Dark & Moody Tropical Leaves Wallpaper that together with gray tones and wooden furniture creates a powerful home office space look with a tropical touch. Is the tropical interior style in your taste? Visit our Tropical wallpaper design collection for more options to choose from.

Chic Pink Hexagon Tile Print Office Accent Wall

pink hexagon style wallpaper design in home office space
As pink is a huge trend at the moment because of the recently released Barbie movie, above we can see another gorgeous pink inspired office space with our Pink Hexagon Tile Print Wallpaper. We love the soft, soothing and feminine feeling the wallpaper gives in this women's home office design. If pink is your color and you would like to check out some more of our pink wallpaper designs, please visit our Pink wallpaper collection.
We hope this blog post showing 5 different home office interior styles will give you some inspiration to create a home office space that will suit your taste and will feel comfortable and welcoming for a productive day.

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