Grey Wallpaper

Give your rooms a touch of mystery with shrouding shades of foggy grey. Our gray wallpaper collection provides enthusiasts of stormy hues with a vast selection of wall covers to choose from. Those who prefer subtler touches will appreciate the smoky, misty tints of our light grey wallpapers; while those who tend more to the heavier, stormier side of things will take a liking to our dark grey wallpaper. However gray you want your room to be, however, we likely have the hue and pattern to suit your tastes.

Made with the high-quality, easy-stick backing and rich, long-lasting and moisture-resistant ink, our grey removable wallpaper lets you apply the design of your choosing yourself, with no extra adhesive required. If you get tired of the design or the wallpaper gets worn out or damaged, you can easily remove it off the wall. Not to worry though, our wallpapers are made with preferences for both temporary and long-lasting applications in mind, so you can rest assured that they’ll stand up to the test of time if you ever do choose to let them stick around.

We at Think Noir adore wallpaper, but have a special interest in the mystique and smoke-infused beauty of grey wallpaper. It toes the line between noir and other aesthetics, and with the right design, it can complement an interior’s décor with cool, mature-feeling vibes.