Foyer Wallpaper

We at Think Noir Wallpapers think that entrances and pathways throughout any building shouldn’t be left out of a wallpaper treatment. From that idea came our collection of hallway wallpaper, foyer wallpaper, and entryway wallpaper. Carefully curated for clients of every stripe, our collection brings a lively flair that suggests a welcoming atmosphere and a spacious, easy flow throughout the building. Halls, foyers, and entryways are the paths that people take to get to where they want to go, and applying our premium-quality wallpapers at those locations will ensure that their journey will be a pleasant one. 

With our hall wallpaper, your hallway will exude feelings of smooth traversal to all parts of your home or building. Our wallpaper for foyer will incite feelings of calm and pleasantness, encouraging people staying in the foyer to be more patient. Our wallpaper for the entryway is tailor-made to enhance the atmosphere of hospitality in the building, with colors and patterns that suggest security and invitation.

With only the highest quality inks and materials, all the wallpapers in our collection are built to last for years after the application, only needing minimal care and maintenance. People are simply cheerier when the paths they walk invoke a nice feeling, leading to a better experience for them within the building they're in. Our collection of wallpapers gives off the kind of vibe that enables just that.