6 Tips To Bring Spring Into Your Home

As the colder season comes to an end and the blooming summer season has arrived, it is time to start thinking about bringing some brighter seasonal colors and atmosphere in your home interior. As it is not only important to get organized and clean our homes for the new season, but to welcome the sunny and warmer outdoors feels at home, in this blog post we want to share some tips on how to bring the gorgeous summer vibes at home with removable wallpaper and peel and stick backsplash and change the cool and moodier interior to a more colorful and vibrant one. Read further to get inspired from these 6 tips to bring summer into your home.


1. Floral Closet

Vintage Chic Peonies Wallpaper Lined Closet

Spring/summer cleaning definitely comes with the big closet reorganization and clean up, as we need to swap those cold season items to have the warm season items within reach. But you can not only welcome the new blooming season by cleaning and reorganizing your closet, but by adding a charming touch with floral removable wallpaper as well. Lining your closet with bright floral wallpaper can add a unique and unexpected touch to the space that makes it feel more fresh and inviting. Furthermore, as we can see in the photo above, where Camila has lined her closet with the Vintage Chic Peonies Wallpaper from the Floral wallpaper collection, it makes the closet space look even more organized by adding a beautiful background detail.


2. Laundry Room

Floral removable wallpaper spring interior

Laundry room can often be a space that feels unwelcoming, plain and sad making the home chores feel joyless. However, you can easily bring some uplifting spirit in the space by adding some pop of color and a gorgeous pattern of your choice with removable wallpaper. In the photo above we can see a gorgeous example of a floral laundry room interior created by Nikki where she has added a cozy summer atmosphere with our vintage floral peel and stick wallpaper - Vintage Amber Peonies Wallpaper from the Floral wallpaper collection. If you love bold floral wallpaper designs or a peony flower wallpaper pattern is your favorite, visit the Floral wallpaper collection to find your perfect design in custom colors.


3. Kitchen Backsplash

Neutral Vintage Botanical Foliage Backsplash

If you are looking for ways to give your rented space kitchen some eye-catching, vibrant detail and the interior feels plain, dated or just a little bit boring, you can easily add a modern touch and pop of color by installing peel and stick backsplash in design and colors of your choice. As summer is associated with nature blooming and gorgeous florals, in the photo above we can see a beautiful example of a floral peel and stick backsplash - Neutral Vintage Botanical Foliage Backsplash from the Farmhouse Backsplash collection that matches the wooden cabinets and the light countertop perfectly. We love how elegant and minimalistic yet eye-catching the floral kitchen backsplash looks. For more inspiration on how to add a modern and eye-catching touch to the kitchen interior with a design waterproof backsplash, visit Best Backsplash Ideas For Kitchen blog post.


4. Powder Room

Black Peonies Wallpaper Powder Room

You can bring the summer vibes in your home interior not only with colorful wallpaper designs but, for example, a modern black and white floral wallpaper as well. If you love a timeless and simple black and white interior design but want to bring the blooming vibe in the space for the new season, the dark flower wallpaper - Black Peonies Wallpaper from the Floral wallpaper collection as seen in the gorgeous peony wallpaper powder room interior design done by Ashley can be a beautiful choice. Bringing a floral theme in the powder room interior can not only bring the outdoors garden in the interior but create a fresh, cozy and charming feeling that definitely can suit a powder room interior all year round. If you love a black and white wallpaper design, visit our Black And White Wallpaper collection. As most of our wallpaper designs are available in custom colors, you can choose your favorite floral wallpaper and create a unique black and white design.


5. Eye-Catching Wallpaper Accent Wall

Green Floral Lace Wall Mural

Another great way to bring the summer vibes in your home is by creating a gorgeous botanical wallpaper accent wall. You can create a beautiful summer themed accent wall in your living room by adding the warm and vibrant colors in the interior or create an enchanting nature wallpaper accent wall in your bedroom with a stunning floral or botanical design. If you want to bring the outdoors feeling inside your bedroom interior, adding some green color can definitely do the trick. In the photo above we can see one of our botanical peel and stick wallpaper designs in green color - Green Floral Lace Wall Mural from the Botanical wallpaper collection that brings the warm feeling indoors with a unique touch. To learn more about how to pick the right wall for creating an accent wall with a botanical print wallpaper, visit our How To Choose The Accent Wall? blog post.


6. Summer Themed Rug

Floral Green Rug

Once you have given your home walls some summer themed treatment and added some of the vibrant colors, you can add some summer vibes to the floors as well, by purchasing a gorgeous, cozy floral rug in all of the seasonal colors - green, yellow, pink. As a stunning and definitely eye-catching example in the photo above we can see the Hand-Tufted Tali Rug from Anthropologie that can definitely add a warm outdoorsy vibe for the new season.

We hope this blog post gives you inspiration for DIY home projects that will bring summer vibes into your home. For more blooming interior design inspiration visit our Floral wallpaper collection and Botanical wallpaper collection. And if you love a tropical look, visit our Tropical wallpaper collection and browse through different gorgeous styles in custom colors.

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