Wallpaper might come a long way regarding the printing techniques, material quality and way of installation; however, the retro wallpaper chic never goes out of style!
Many appreciate the retro background in their homes and get its appeal because of the unique charm – It’s trending and classic at the same time and brings warmth and coziness.
With vintage aesthetics resurgence in modern pop culture, it almost seems that vintage wallpaper has stood its test of time, by making us long for that nostalgic wallpaper feel.
Old fashioned wallpaper also embodies quite several other design themes like art deco, art nouveau, and retro. There are a plethora of options to play around with the vintage pattern wallpaper to suit your preference.
Vintage floral wallpaper patterns evoke a sense pastoral scenery and romanticism from the Victorian era or the retro flower wallpaper playfulness and free spirit of the 1970's.
Bright and fun colors with white contrasts define a classic 60s wallpaper. Over the top silhouettes and fun shapes is the vibe of the 60s decor to which we have offer a great accompanying vintage background selection.
For the vintage 70s wallpaper feel, we offer various experimental and groovy vintage style wallpaper, playing with shapes and color gradients to have that old school wallpaper
aesthetic delivered to your home!
Black vintage wallpaper, pink retro wallpaper, blue retro wallpaper - we have it all!
Having a modern retro wallpaper installed in a room won’t look outdated with the right accessories and furniture.
Here at Think Noir Wallpaper, we let you choose from among our different vintage wallpapers and vintage inspired wallpaper designs. Some of our clients want an antique wall paper to help them resurrect the charm of an old home. Some opt for a old school wallpaper to beef up an existing theme and create a timeless design. You can never have enough retro pattern wallpaper designs to appreciate and choose! And to give more bang to your vintage-inspired retro wallpapers, they are made from high-grade materials that don't quickly fade. Talk about the possibility of your children's children still appreciating your home many years from now!