Scandinavian Wallpaper

Scandinavian culture is a big source of exoticism in Europe, and it’s only natural that their distinct patterns and artwork have made their way into the mainstream consciousness. Lots of people seek out Scandinavian wallpaper as a result. We at Think Noir have tried our hand at crafting and curating a collection of premium Scandinavian wallpapers for our more niche-seeking clientele to enjoy. With our expertise at providing our clients with high-quality wallpapers at competitive prices, we’re quite confident that our designs fit the bill when it comes to good Nordic wallpaper.

Make your rooms feel like authentic Viking longhouses with our premium wallpapers, made with only the highest-quality backing material, built to withstand years of service and resistant against moisture and other degrading elements. Our inks are of prime quality as well; rich, vibrant, and fade-proof, it is with these inks that we’ve created our intricate patterns and designs inspired by the weavings and runework of Scandinavian civilizations.

Painted with loving care and attention to detail, our wallpaper designs are dripping with authenticity, able to make your rooms feel like the actual interiors of Viking homes, or even the halls of Valhalla themselves. With our wallpapers, you can experience a piece of how it was to live inside a Viking home, without subjecting yourself to the wintry winds of the Arctic.